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    BILL C.

    what happened to you time share job postings?


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      TS Newshound

      Bill, it’ll be back. We’re reformatting and reorganizing and analysing our core competencies (HA! How’s that for corporate speak?). In other words, we’re working on it and hopefully the jobs section will be back soon better than ever.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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        How soon is soon? There’s lots of us out here looking! Nice site BTW, it’s nice to have a place that isn’t boring to come to for news again, hahaha. Good luck!

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        Hi there! I don’t know what this used to be like because I just found it, but I like it! Keep it up! I haven’t seen anything in here yet about the resolution of the RCI Weeks lawsuit, I think you should do some research on that and fill everyone in, because frankly RCI is probably laughing their heads off about it and us weeks owners are still basically screwed. Just a suggestion.

        Thanks for the website, I’ve got it bookmarked!



          I second that about the RCI lawsuit. IMO RCI stopped being timeshare owner-centric shortly after Cendant took over. It became nothing but a money making machine with the ability to lawfully steal deposited weeks, which they don’t pay for, to profit from them in the form of renting them to non owners. I no longer use RCI, I use other exchange programs when I want to trade. RCI is a bad joke.

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