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    Hey Woody, I just checked and ILX is (as if we didn’t know) really in the tank!

    They’re down form (symbol) ILX to and OTC (symbol) ILXRQ.PK and at a whopping 7 cents a share (or there about if that).

    By the way I do believe the ‘Q’ in their (new) symbol means they are or may be delinquent in certain or specific exchange requirements too.

    Hell, I could buy em!

    But what I don’t get is how Joe and the gang allowed what I thought was a pretty decent company, resorts/project(s) to fall so far!

    On that note I also see that Bluegreen (symbol: BXG) who was once upwards of $20 some a share and then plummeted to a low of $.80 a share about a year ago are now skyrocketing back up to the $3 neighborhood! Go figure for a company with such a low VPG.

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    If DRI buys ILX will the new deal be DRIILX?

    Looks like a Roman Numeral to me; and sounds like one of the medicines they hawk on the tube all the time!

    Consult your doctor. DRIILX may cause…….. (LMAO)!

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    If Cloobeck does buy ILX I’d like to see him do something with that property ILX has in San Carlos, Mexico!

    I love that place and I don’t know why ILX seemed to have a problem moving the inventory but if DRI gets the deal and needs some strong F/B closers who love TS and San Carlos then sign me up!

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    Regarding the resale issue, everyone should read this article in the Palm Beach Post. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/money/…ynews_rss Timeshare resales has replaced mortgage fraud as the #1 “producer of complaints to a fraud hot line, according to the Florida Attorney General’s Office. And Palm Beach County has emerged as the epicenter.

    Ten of 17 time-share companies subpoenaed by the attorney general’s office this month are based in Palm Beach County, and the office has pending litigation in two West Palm Beach cases.”

    Check out this quote from the article:

    In one instance, a room full of 30 or more telemarketers emptied when her car pulled up, said Sasha Velez, investigator for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

    “Literally people had left purses, jackets, cellphones, papers, their lunch — everything they left when they saw us coming,” Velez said.

    Something to be proud of… :(

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