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    Say there Scoop-don’t ya think you are being a little hard on ARDA and Howard?

    After all, they do know how to throw a damn good party every year and I peronally had a bash durning this years annual love fest in Vegas.

    I just hope what I did there (Vegas) “stays there“!

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    ARDA does a lot of good work for the industry but I agree that there seems to be some hypocrisy with the Associations apparent willingness to serve more than one master.

    Maybe ARDA developers really don’t care or just don’t understand that the post card companies and the resale companies that sell the advance fee advertising schemes really do cause a lot of harm.

    Or, maybe it is just the old school marketing philosophy in the biz of dragging in as many sales guests to their sales centers that they can and simply play the numbers game; though, in this economy, I question that method as well.

    One thing for sure, it is a strange but wonderful business!

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