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    As Don Imus say: “You can’t make this stuff up”!

    It would seem after the tremendous drop in annual sales this past few years and the laying off of thousands of marketing and sales reps the developers would have figured this out and done something out them telling the pubic not to buy from them (Grrrrr).

    And if any agent goes in and tells their manager they lost a sale or that a sale cancelled because of this sort of information the manager really can do nothing but shrug their shoulders—or fire the agent because their VPG is to low—which is more likely (Grrrrr)!

    This stinks!

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    Don’t be so harsh Scoop!

    All ARDA has to do is make a couple quick changes and everything will be fine!

    First, they need to have their acronym mean “American Rental/Resale Discount Assoication’

    And also those who proudly have the “Registered Resort Professional’ (RRP) on their cards etc. only need to change that to: Rental Resale Professional.

    Voila! Now all is well in the Land Of Share and we can start selling this discounted inventory!

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    Just found your website; pretty nice!

    I have been in sales for a number of years and in all honesty I haven’t been to the Assoication website is some time and after reading this thread I visited it and in all honesty I was amazed!

    There must be some reason they are doing this but I don’t understand and agree that it will surely harm sales.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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