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    Jim Faucett

    Hi Woody,
    For my own educational benefit, I looked up the word ‘disgruntled’. Its literal meaning is angry and dissatisfied. Now if I were a disgruntled customer, for instance, that would convey the meaning that I was angry and dissatisfied with the service or product provided to me. Perhaps this fly really doesn’t belong in my soup, or your tatted-up, pierced, hairsprayed goth of a front desk person shouldn’t really be smacking her lips while chewing gum, smoking and talking on the phone with her significant other and ignoring me while I’m standing there waiting to be served. You know you’ve met a version of that person. Here my gruntlement would be entirely justified.

    In the the word ‘dissatisfaction’ the ‘dis’ part negates the satisfaction. In ‘disgruntled’ the ‘dis’ rather intensifies the ‘gruntled’. If a judge receives letters from disgruntled members of the public, and if he is an elected rather than an appointed judge, he may want to consider how the level of disgruntled-ness may affect him. The word originates, according to my Apple-widget dictionary, from the middle 17-century and ‘to gruntle’ means to utter little grunts. I live in South Texas. Down here feral hogs are a problem, and you don’t want to hear a bunch of them on your property making all sorts of little grunts together rooting up your land, gardens and other crops. And if you have ever watched the classic Disney film ‘Old Yeller’, you know what a herd of javelina making little grunts can do to a dog.

    That being said, after taking a deep breath, being disgruntled means something entirely different when Wyndham uses it to describe me. What they’re trying to do is prove that I acted maliciously in forming my business. “He’s only in this business getting people out of their timeshares because he wants to hurt Wyndham,” is their contention. “He wants to damage us because we fired him.” They also want to dismiss and negate my arguments made on behalf of my customers because they say, “Faucett helped you write this letter and he’s just a disgruntled former employee.” Actually, I started the business simply because I needed to continue to put bread on the table, I saw a lot of people complaining that I thought I could help, and by nature I’m an entrepreneur–it had very little, if anything to do with being angry with Wyndham. As it turned out, Wyndham has a vast number of very disgruntled owners in the very truest sense of the term and that situation provided me, because of my ‘insider knowledge’, with a huge opportunity to help them, which I did.

    And now Wyndham is a disgruntled former employer. If you don’t believe me, call their legal VP Jeffery Cohen and discern what an angry man he is right now. I imagine him to be at that special level of effin’ and blindin’ and hoppin’ and spittin’ degree of gruntlement. I don’t imagine his little grunts to be so little at this stage. He may be so angry, that all of his subordinates are feeling like little grunts at the moment. The high priced Wyndham legal team are so disgruntled with the judge in the bankruptcy court that they are now forum-shopping and have moved to take my case into the federal district court of Judge Xavier Rodriguez.

    Now that I’ve reread my own comment, if I were just a casual reader I would think “Good Lord, that is one nit-picking S.O.B.” This is what happens when you act as your own lawyer, rather than playing one on TV or spending the night at a Holiday Inn Express. Every day I wake up knowing how huge my task is and how under-qualified I am for it. But at this stage, with nothing else to lose–like an organist I’m pulling out all the stops (It is said that Bach had so many children because his organ had no stops). Have a great week-end and please visit my site.

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      I’m impressed! You’ve got wit. Gruntlement, gruntledness, you say tomato I say tomahto– In the words of Bertie Wooster, I’m not disgruntled, but I’m not entirely gruntled either… 😀

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    TS King

    HA! We should be surprised that Fairfield/Wyndham is still up to its old sales tricks? NOT!!!! As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on the pig but it’s still a pig…

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      Let’s be clear, ALL sales involves manipulation to one degree or another. When have you EVER had a Big Mac that looks anything like the advertisement for example?!!!! But what’s going on at Fairfield according to one of the docs published on that website goes beyond manipulation to outright lies!!!!! Click on the link there that says “The Wyndham Vacation Resorts Sales Pitch: The “Take Away” and take a look at that document, the point is that there NEVER WAS any missed event or letter that the guest didn’t get, the whole premise is based on a LIE!!!!! If I was Wyndham I wouldn’t want my owners/guests to know about that either!!!

      But let there be no mistake, Fairfield is far from being the only ts company using tacctics like that along with rental and resale pitches. Not all ts companies do it, not all use the hard sell, but some of the most notorious besides Wyndham are Westgate (aka Wastegate), Silverleaf, Bluegreen and the Berkly group. Everyone hates sales people of every stripe but considering how much money is at stake in every presentation and the way we sell it, its no wonder that ts sales reps are right up their above used car salesmen in popularity. It’s a darned shame too, because we’ve got such a great product to sell!!!!!!!!

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    Peter Gunn

    I discovered this post which is self-explanatory:

    “Sundance Vacations indentifies their selves as the “Fastest Growing Travel company in Pennsylvania for the 2nd consecutive year,” despite the fact that they are closing offices in two states??? (Wisconsin & New Jersey) It seems that this company is simply incapable of telling the truth! Whew! How, in God’s name, can you identify yourself as the “Fastest Growing Travel company in Pennsylvania for the 2nd consecutive year,” when you are closing offices. That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard of one!!! People, do yourself a favor and research this company BEFORE you have ANY dealings with them. Google “Sundance Vacations Complaints.”

    Obviously, the Dead Skunk Award was very appropriate.

    See >>> http://sundancevacationspropaganda.blogspot.com/

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    Peter Gunn

    Isn’t it interested that whistleblowers are generally classified as “disgruntled former employees” as phrase that Sundancer Vacations often uses, as does Fairfield/Wyndham. Nonetheless, the fact remains that a “disgruntled former employee” may very well be telling the truth. Let’s not be swayed by an individual’s motive, but rather whether or not the individual’s information is accurate. It should never be the source of the information that matters, but the validity of that information.

    If the Devil gave me tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, I would play them. What could I lose, the few dollars that I would gamble on the lottery anyway? Think about it!

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