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    That is the problem with hauling that many tours!

    The focus isn’t the individual sale; as corporate is purely focused on the masses.

    I’ve had to let a lot of sales reps go over the years for netting anything less than a 15% CR and if my front-line reps produced a YTD net 10.2% CR you can bet I’d be kicked down the road as well; and especially because, even in this climate, about 10% of all sales guests are pretty much laydowns anyway!

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    The Closer

    I’m not sure if the lay-down factor is 10% straight across the board but for sure at least 5% of all sales guests will buy if given a chance.

    So let’s split the difference and say that 7.5% of all ups are, or should be, lay-downs; as they like to travel, they want to travel, they have the free time to travel each year and they appreciate the value of the accommodations available to them worldwide plus they can afford to be an owner!

    Hence, the real closing ratio (less the lay-downs) for Bluegreen would be 2.7% and if the lay-down factor was only 3% then they would still only really be closing 7.2% of their street ups and that ain’t anything to write home about and is a sure indicator something is wrong.

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