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    An Up is an Up for Marketing because they get paid for an UP. In Orlando now some things have changed because finally many developers are requiring that an UP be a QUALIFIED up as more and more Developers are having to run credit to get financing approved on sales. However, Sales Reps ultimately pay the price because now some of those Companies pay LESS commission to Sales Reps when they sell those LESS Qualified tours. It always ends up on the Sales Rep. Through the years as the prices have increased, the credit qualifications have been raised for FINANCING, the tour flows have DECREASED, down payment minimums are HIGHER, BUT…Sales Reps are held accountable…Higher VPG’s are demanded, higher minimum sales price averages are required, SPIFFS are lower, Bonus gates are raised and Sales reps have to work harder. Management just figures that there will be an endless supply of THEIR ‘ups': Sales Reps who believe that the road to riches is paved with Timeshare. The ONLY product or Service where the Marketing is diametrically OPPOSED to the Sale. No other product or service is positioned by Marketing like timeshare. Can you imagine a Car advertisement that says: “You dont need to buy,,,just drive it for a year then decide, Go do a test drive of GM but dont buy! I will send you to a Ford dealer next and each one I send you on will give you $100 cash just to spend 20 min listening to how good the car is, hey they will FEED you there too! Wonder how many ‘UPS” they could flood dealerships with? Only the timeshare industry is willing to grind out talented Sales people with pure POS tours and hold THEM accountable for not selling enough! Recently ,after only seeing 1-2 tours per week because the units were sold to renters rather than available to Owners and those renters sold as tours to OTHER resorts; management handed out a Monthly Goals Sheet. On the sheet they wanted what each rep EXPECTS to do for the month, VPG, AVERAGE SALES PRICE, TOTAL VOLUME etc. Based on how many tours they “HOPE” to get. While every Timeshare company has a minimum VPG or Closing Percentage requirement I dont know of even ONE that GUARANTEES how many Qualified Tours they will provide. What a travesty! One day when they are stuck with mediocre sales people on a minimum wage salary, maybe then they will ponder over the hey days of Timeshare when there were 300 man sales lines closing 30% and stacking gold in their coiffures. Oh, no they wont. They will just blame it on the times we live in. They never seem to realize that the foundation for the times we live in were laid in the times we LIVED in.

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    “Diametrically OPPOSED to the Sale”!

    Ya got that correct which is why all marketing should be performance based (on sales).

    Marketing should also be pre-selling too; looking for prospects who like to travel, who do travel and would like to preview a specialized timeshare ownership program designed exclusively for frequent travelers and vacationers!

    Start bringing in those kinds of sales guests and just watch the Stats triple!

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    And all it takes is ONE person who came from the head shop to purchase for upper management to defend that marketing.

    NOTHING has changed. It takes one out of work person, one recently divorced person with three children, one single woman who claims to make $13,000, one family who initially refuses to “tour” or one stoned hippie to buy and then the salespeople have to listen to that story over and over and over again.

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