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    Well stated Scoop!

    Our room does better than the average you quoted but I just realized that if we eliminated the hitters (of which I am one) our stats would be much lower than the average; probably right around 8-9%.

    The developers however still makes bank, seems satisfied and our room manager is the hands-off type (which I like).

    He doesn’t even hold meeting’s with the closers and only once in a blue moon with the liners and that is more of a bull session then it is a meeting (or training).

    The PD; forget about it! Never seen (hardly) and our DOM only drops by about once a month to talk with our SM (about what, nobody knows but they always go behind closed doors so we figure it is to pay out the kick-backs for Q’ing NQ’s.

    Not sure if I agree with the 40% YTD closing ratio but if developers (us included) cleaned up the tour flow, really trained the liners and brought in more hitters (liners and closers) then we’d all surely be at a net 30% YTD!

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    You forgot the lowering of commissions and the elimination of spiffs and bonuses.

    I had recently applied for a front-to-back deal in the Midwest and that developer was only paying 9% and no performance bonus etc.

    Un-fricken believable!

    My big gripe is the income qualification.

    The one in the Midwest was $40-K and that is what we tour (where I’m at) now.

    Don’t mean to offend anyone working for $40-G but that level makes it pretty hard to come up with a full down-stoke, the monthly’s and the annual’s.

    When ups make $80-K that doesn’t mean they can afford the down or monthly either but there is sure a lot more room to look for the money and as well all know that is a big part of closing the deals.

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    Your piece was quite prescient and spot on in its thoughtful analysis. You are correct in your assertion that no industry (let alone a big ticket one like ours) would continue with the same archaic and stone age marketing tactics for 4 decades of a changing marketplace. And all would agree that our timeshare “market place” has changed more in the past few years than EVER! If the “retail” side of the industry is to survive to any semblance of our past revenue and earning levels, we MUST ADAPT OR DIE! This is an intrinsic truism that is beyond contention.

    As a nearly 30 year veteran and RAVING FAN of the timeshare sales and marketing biz and its great and hearty souls who enter and win and the great sales arena’s every day, I must admit to a bit of sadness in agreeing with the other post’s assessments of the quality (or distinct lack thereof) of many in leadership folks in our biz today. Too many have not only NEVER walked in your shoes, and fought the good (sales) fight every day, but many do not exhibit even basic fundamental leadership skills. They never learned the axiom that the great philosopher William James stated…”The deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be appreciated”.

    SALES & MARKETING should have mutually aligned goals and objectives. They should meet, plan, confer, socialize, and celebrate together as one. MARKETING IS SALES! I have managed the largest projects in the industry and have ALSO taken thousands of tours and closed thousands of tables LONG BEFORE and sometimes AFTER I ran the deal. Not because I had too but because as the wise man said… we have to stir up the gifts within and keep our powder dry and razor sharp! If you love what you do, its not work …its a craft! Godspeed and good selling to you all. Remember…”IF YOU WANT WHAT YOU’VE NEVER HAD… YOU’VE GOT TO DO WHAT YOU’VE NEVER DONE! ~Publious

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    Drop Zone

    First time to the site; it is GREAT as are the comments!

    Okay, here is my take.

    Developers should also crack the whip over their 2nd/3rd party marketing vendors too and especially when they are using phone (call) centers located in BFE (Bum F_ _ _ Egypt).

    Talk about ‘put-together’ tours!

    IMO they’re (tours) usually the worse and have been double and triple conned into coming to the presentation and I have to spend way to much time cleaning up the heat and often they’re told to lie about their incomes so they can get the most expensive premiums.

    I’m not saying all of them but I’ve been doing this long enough to see the trend; plus these tours are the ones that often result in a Mickey deal then kick anyway; even on Exit deals!

    Send them in clean and we’ll all (developers and management) make more money!

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    Marketing has always been the Achilles’ Heel in this business.

    I’m not taking anything away form the reps who do the marketing; they’re just doing what they are hired, told (and paid) to do.

    The real problem, as was so eloquently pointed out by Publious, is it never dawned on developers that “MARKETING IS SALES”!

    And because they don’t get it we are all held hostage by their marketing sources and (we all) Pay the Piper in unproductive time attempting the impossible; to sell to tours that have no financial ability (or use/needs) to purchase a $10-$20-$30-K timeshare.

    I’m always amazed that every year for many decades now RCI, II and ARDA will publish annual reports, some that developer will pay hundreds/thousands of dollars to read and that clearly demonstrate that ‘BUYERS’ are consumers who are (e.g.) 55 years of age, married, empty nesters who are home owners with household incomes exceeding $80,000 etc.

    AND although we are all very grateful that developers provide the prospects it is a form of lunacy that the very same (most) developers keep paying out the big bucks for us to take (e.g.) tours who are 28-38 years old, single (or married), live in an apartment, gross $42,000-K, are paying off college loans etc. or just had their 3rd child, have no credit, bad credit or are way over-extended etc. and then tell us we are ‘weak’ for not closing the deals.

    As Porky Pig might say to that marketing approach: “Th-th-th-that’s unbelievable folks!”

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    The people on top are still making boatloads of money. Until that stops, what passes for “marketing” in this business will stay as it is.

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