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    Scary indeed. I’ve had four consumers contact me this week alone with similar stories. At one presentation, someone “promised” a way to increase the number of points per year 10 fold for “only” $2,500. These companies are growing daily and the number of consumers who get taken is growing as well.

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    I doubt that RCI will really care about a handful of owners whose info might be leaking out; they are just to big to worry about individuals.

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    Timeshare Scam Help

    Keep up the good work Scoop!

    I really think all consumers would be VERY, VERY surprised at how many companies actually sale their customer data. Hopefully most companies don’t have bad employees selling it.

    But whenever you join a frequent buyers club or any thing where you agree to something and their is lots of legal paragraphs that NO ONE reads… in those paragraphs is language where you agree that the company can sell your info.

    But back to the timeshare stuff. Yes, bad guys have been buying list of owners from any source they can buy from :( The telemarketing fraud resale companies have to call owners and that list came from some place.

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