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    Couldn’t agree more.

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    How about that Google (driverless) test car they just announced; pretty awesome!

    Full blown driving capabilities, parks itself etc.

    Not sure I’d want to be in the test as a passenger just sitting back and observing.

    But it is another indicator of where the tech world is taking everyone and why most of us need to understand how technology is the big game changer!

    Our handling of technology, or the lack thereof, reminds me of when we all once thought TS’s were not subjected to the realities of the economy!

    Was that a hard lesson to learn or what?

    Oh, at check-in at our store the tours are told to turn off their cphones etc.

    Like that is going to make any difference!

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    Just came across this post on TS4SM. It goes back a couple years and these UPS got online during the presentation while in Mexico. Doesn’t say if they bought but for sure the times have changed!

    “My husband and I are at Boutique La Jolla this morning. They are treating us like royalty.”

    “We had a wonderful breakfast and tour. I am here now using WiFi while they explain the program. I always check TS4SM to search the name of resorts while they quote prices.”

    “I showed your complaint to the management. They asked if I knew your name. But you only have your TS4SM Username. We are at a loss on what happened.”

    “They are offering a hell of a deal. Is the only reason you had a problem with Boutique La Jolla is that they could not sell your Virginia Beach timeshare?”

    “Please let us know. Thank you.”

    “Ken & Barbie aka Flexible”

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