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    In regards to the lower commissions, I can attest first hand to a particular outfit in New Orleans that pays, with out room for negotiation, 4% for peas, and 6% front to back. They offer some sort of volume on the floor bonus of about another .25 to .5 percent. I accepted the position and left after the 4th day of training when i realized i would earn, based on previous sales of the track, MINIMUM WAGE.

    The greed in management has become so repulsive I have decided to leave the industry after 12 years and pursue the travel “club” industry.

    Good Luck

    The Timedog!

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    Taco Bob

    Hey Timedog1; I feel you pain but there are many TS developers paying a lot more than that outfit you mentioned in NO; a city I love and with great restaurants too!

    During the crash of 2008 I tried one of those Travel Clubs and can only hope you found a legit (real) one that actually has a fulfillment department too.

    The one I tried club, and like you only stayed for about a week as they turned out to be a pure scam.

    Good Luck.

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    I wish I could reveal where top producers can earn 11%, but the irony is that it has recently dropped from `12% on EVERY DEAL. The new pay schedule is 8%, scaling up to 11 after $100,000 in monthly volume.

    Plus a salary due to the persistence of many people in the industry who got the IC deal blown out of the water.

    Plus two meals a day, as long as you drive the tours to the restaurant.

    Not a bad deal, all in all.

    Wish I could tell you where it was, but I think this site should earn some ad revenue.

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    Well here is an idea inthepitt! Why don’t you get your developer to advertise here?

    And have them tell us what kind of food (“meals”) we’ll get if we “drive the tours”!

    What a joke; the biz in on a down hill slope.

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    Face it friends. We’re a lazy bunch. We could SG and make a lot more but that would require more than rolling out of the bed and heading off to the sales center with a gob of UPS waiting on us; so I’m not complaining but I’m also not closing deals for low-rent commissions either.

    Should that day ever come I’m out of here to be sure!

    Good Luck.

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    I actually thought that, compared to what I was hearing, this deal wasn’t horrible. Clearly I agree that the ts biz is in a death spiral–anyone who doesn’t understand that is completely full of timeshare KoolAid.

    FYI–the meals are buffet breakfast and lunch; the drive is about 18 miles roundtrip, and the salary is $80 a day. There are benefits available if you pay for them, and some recognition via prizes.

    The developer has been around a very long time-I am sure the company knows it can advertise here.

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    That is odd! I mean we are all in the game for the commissions but to have an $80 per day salary just strikes me as strange.

    At six hour shift that is $13.33 per hour.

    Hell, a (no offence meant) receptionist working for a decent company makes (and more) per hour as does a garbage collector, a janitor, a cab or bus driver and a whole bunch of other gigs.

    Here’s one for the books. Here in Vegas the head of the Department of Human Resources for the State has a base annual salary of around $180,000. She works five days a week, forty hours per week. Has 13-15 extra paid Holiday days off, paid sick leave and paid vacation time (4 weeks per year) plus full health/life benefits AND it would damn near take an act of congress to fire her sorry….

    And in our business most of these salary deals are just a smoke screen anyway because at the end of the day if we don’t produce we are fired; so your developer might as well make the salary more than the eighty bucks.

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    It is not just that they continue to lower commissions and eliminate spiffs and bonuses.

    It’s that they’re killing us (and them) and it’s like spitting into the wind very time we are forced to take low income tours who have bad credit or who will be losing their home because the value is underwater-upside down (about 23% of all home-mortgages).

    Check this out from Huffington Post.: “Roughly two-thirds of homeowners in Nevada with a mortgage had negative home equity, the worst in the country. Arizona, Florida, Michigan and California were next, with up to 50 percent of homeowners with mortgages in those states are underwater.”

    Eliminate those tours and prescreen the rest plus fine tune the marketing and better train EVERYONE is the name of the game!

    Anything less is just another form of Russian Roulette.

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    To be clear, the salary is required due to IRS prevailing on the Independent Contractor issue. The commissions are in addition to the salary. From your post, I am not sure you got that.

    Indeed, you have to produce or you’re gone–like any sales organization.

    As for your government job example, these examples are all over the country. That’s why public employees are getting such flack–but their position is that they got into “state work” because of the pension. The defined benefit plans are what New York in particular is now fighting–good luck with that.

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    The Closer

    All sales professionals “produce” throughout their careers.

    They have the talent and expertise and it is pretty much a process, like any profession, that allows them to succeed.

    The problem in any sales organization ultimately turns out to be many other variables aside from a reps ability to “produce”; that determine and contribute to the outcome of every sales presentation whether it is timeshare sales, insurance, cars, solar, jewelry, boats, RV and so on.

    Many TS sales rooms also have a ten tour rule.

    Blow 10 in a row and you are fired!

    And it doesn’t matter if those ten tours were mixed with 25 year olds cohabitating, 70 year olds using walkers and carrying oxygen tanks when they show up at the sales center, Bobby-Joe and Mary-Lou who’ve never vacationed in their entire lives and think spending the weekend on the ‘River’ (banks) with a fire is Paradise Discovered and of course they days with many tours whose homes are worth less than their mortgage and they are hanging on by a thread.

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