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    I’m one of those who really love this business. Love to get up and go in; love to meet my tours, love to sell and close deals and I have done so clean as a whistle every time!

    Never regretted coming down this road, have never looked back either but some things need to change.

    Seems you are saying that any losses from cancellations are already in price of each deal that sticks so there are no losses and there should be no charge backs!

    I’ve worked with 4 different developers over the past 12 years and lost my full reserve fund from each one when I left.

    The amounts were $2,500, $3,000 and then one more for $3,000. $7,500 in all and here they are holding back another $2,500.

    Don’t know what can be done though and I suppose the practice with continue. Maybe someone out here will come up with an idea and post it here and then go spread like wild fire.

    Oh, and when I have had cancellations over the years you are right about being broke or near broke on a payday. I don’t get a lot of cancellations but when I have never once did I get an advance notice that my check was going to be short or worse, nothing at all.

    That really needs to change too!

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