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    Love it.

    To funny and laughed until the end when I damn near spit the coffee out of my mouth while sipping and reading the last two developer comments.

    Alas, it is all so true. Not all developers but the industry has some real odd balls these days and that is for sure.

    Maybe we ought to hold a worldwide blanking day for one full week????

    At the end of the day it is us on the line who controls the money and biz; not the other way around! Just a thought.

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    The Closer

    As long as 20% of us write most the deals and make the bucks we’ll put up with the BS; and as long as the 80% (room fill) are willing to haul the trash and are constantly replaced (“hire em in masses, train them in classes, fire their asses and keep their reserves”) nothing will ever change. Developers make bank on the status quo!

    But I do like the idea of blanking for a week.

    Shaking things up now and then is always fun!

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    I responded to an ad on a job board and this developer in the Mid-West was only paying 8 cents on the dollar (total)!

    No benefits, no spiffs, no bonuses, no perks and they hauled everyone!

    On top of that they had a $3-K reserve (kiss that good bye) and because they pay every two weeks it would be about 5 weeks, maybe 6 (a month and a half) before getting the first check!

    Oh, and they wouldn’t even pay me back my basic moving expense like gas and motels to drive across the country to get there.

    That trip would have been a couple thousand out of pocket, then I’d have to go though several thousand more dollars I have in savings to get to that first check, hope it cashes etc.

    So, it was okay for me to spend many thousands of dollars of my money to get to this deal but he wouldn’t even cover the gas!

    I was told the usual ‘we take care of our people’ bs; and not to worry and that they’d work something out once I was there.

    They must hire a lot of really stupid or desperate sales reps.

    What is going on in the biz is unfreakinbelievable!

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