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    Oh yes those were the days, kudos to the t/s salesperson making 250000.00, If it is not a pitch that is filled with promises (guarantee) of a rental income from your product to pay for payments…as I have seen and heard with some worldwide companies allowing such pitches darn shame!!

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    The top best producers, then and now, have always sold it clean; have the fewest rescissions and generate the most number of referral business too!

    And WE do like it when our owners return and WE do keep in touch with many of our owners too!

    It has also always been, then and now, the heat merchants (rental income to make payments, sell at a profit, airport pick-up service and/or a helicopter ride from the airport to the resort) who blow it for everyone!

    The heat-merchants left the impression in a lot of peoples minds (buyers, developers, management, other reps and the UPS) that the only way to write a lot of business was to tell the UP whatever it took to get the deal.

    It has always been the heat merchants who also use real pressure tactics and their practices are still allowed it to this day. It’s say anything and we’ll clean it up on the back-end BS.

    On top of that is the general attitude by some developers and a lot of sales managers that buyers are liars and that sort of management has real distain for just about all UPS including the Gold Ball ones thinking that if they are stupid enough to buy they must be losers. Those managers need to be run out of the business.

    All that said, and I too have been around a long time, commissions are much lower then they were.

    Next morning cash spiffs are gone and I haven’t had a chance to compete for a Super Spiff like jewelry, trips, cars etc. for more than a decade!

    In conclusion, I totally agree that we are on a fast track to the bottom!

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    I was just texting back and forth with a closer friend about this article and I want to know what TS cost back then?

    She claims they sold for a lot less; but I don’t’ know as I only started a few years ago.

    Anyone know the answer?

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    That is a difficult question to answer Laryy because of the variety of properties, the TS plans that were sold with the old blue weeks, white weeks and red ones plus the location and building cost difference in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Asia…

    Then there is the size of the villas, the amenities and some TS plans are 25 year RTU’s while others are in perpetuity. And then there are the use benefits within each TS plan like upgrading to use a larger villa during any particular use year, accelerated use features and so many other variables it is just hard to say.

    The answer to your question must be out there somewhere.

    Maybe someone else can comment here and help.

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    One Call Closer

    I agree with most everyone here. It has all changed and not for the better.

    Affirmations! That is what my first Sales Manager use to preach all the time.

    He’d tell us we had to see it to believe it; to make the top of the sales lines and make a ton of sales and money.

    He always reminded us that “if you want to succeed, you have to see yourself successful!”

    And so that we would see ourselves that way at the beginning of each month, out of his own pocket and in addition to the daily cash spiffs offered by the developer which would be anywhere from a half a point to a point and a half Rod would announce that months Affirmation.

    Sometimes it was a gold piece of Jewelry. Sometimes it was dinner for two at a really expensive place in town. Other times it was a wadski of $100 bills usually around $700 to $1,000 (again, on top of what the Developer paid out in daily spiffs).

    I remember other times he’d put up real expensive cologne or perfume to win, maybe a stereo system (that is what it was called back then) to win and at least twice a year he’d have the whole line pull as a team and if we hit the numbers, and we always did, he would take the entire crew (OPC’s and room hostesses included) our for a bash and a blast!

    Everyone was making money, everyone was having the time of their lives, every one was loyal; and if I could be back in that kind of a deal today I drop what I’m doing, move if need be and do so in a heartbeat!!!!

    Oh, and the developer was obviously making money hands over fist as well!

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    I enjoyed reading Part 1&2; but were are the solutions?

    Someone posted under the comments in part one that a 25% commission was the answer or 20% if we had a full benefits package comparable to what employees employees have.

    And that would be fantastic but what about 5 years from now?

    It seems to me that part of the problem is that developer prices rarely increase let alone keep pace with inflation.

    We’re selling the same inventory at the same prices we’ve had forever.

    I also believe we’re headed back to double digit inflation too. I know at the grocery store and the gas station we are already there anyway.

    I’m worried!

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    2 Cents

    I recently worked at a resort for a mid-sized timeshare company. They have probably 10 front-line sales operations and several resorts that just do in-house. The number one front-line rep in the entire company, that’s right the whole company, made……..$86,500 last year, that’s right, $86,500. The rep sold well over a million dollars and had a net VPT of around $1400, the rep didn’t get any recognition at all for being number one, guess what? The rep works somewhere else now.

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    Drop Zone

    Along with greed I also wonder how much jealousy plays into the whole scenario.

    Maybe the developers accountants put pressure on the developers because they boil over at the neck collar every time they had to cut those big commission checks each week while they’re stuck in an office and behind a desk all day long; and making less!

    If that is the problem have them come on out and join the line.

    There is always room for talent to haul the tours, pitch and close the deals (LMAO)!

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    Chicken Little

    Three thoughts come to mind; hypocrisy, paradox and irony.

    We tell all our sales guest ‘…look, the sky is falling. Quick, protect yourself and family against the future costs of accommodations (and vacations). It’s gonna cost you more in the future and especially when the kids are grown up and ready to travel. Quick, buy now! Quick, buy today! Quick, buy a lot. Quickly quickly quickly! Do it now before it’s to late!’

    The hypocrisy, paradox and irony being that as sales reps most of us could care less that our own earnings erode year in and year out and instead of ever getting a raise our commissions are being lowered.

    But what the heck we made bank this month and life is good and if we don’t make bank this month, well, there is always next month.

    We are just like those sales guests we fail to sell that normally rent their vacation accommodations at the Best Western or Holiday Inn Express and know renting there will cost more next year but also think they can game the system (and the reps) thinking that if prices are up the next go around then they’ll stay at a Super 8 or a Days Inn and if it gets too gosh darn expensive well by God their Good Buddy Tom Bodett will always leave the light on for them at the nearest handy dandy Motel 6.

    And we have the gall to actually think we are wiser and shrewder then the “UPS” we “Haul”; Go figure!

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    timeshare 101

    Which brings us to what was spoken about a few weeks ago on this site..A Union..Aren’t people tired of getting stepped on. Some of these resorts just churn n burn the reps..especially corporations, they have job fairs once a month and then you all know how it goes, the green peas believe everything that is told to them including that they will make a buck n a half. Then tell them that every trade is guaranteed and the weeks/points they sell and put in any rental program will definately help subsidized their monthly payment. And old timers if you are in good with the Dos or not worry they will make sure your APG is high doing whatever it takes to get a deal. Keep drinking the KOOLAID is it BLUE or red

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    TS Schlep

    Ya wanna put the fear in the biz; do it, start a real Union.

    Maybe someone should contact one of the established Union’s and see what it takes?

    Maybe instead of a Union perhaps an Assoication for Timeshare S/M Schleps?

    I’ll join but try and keep the fees (if any) low. Times are a chanin’

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