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    It isnt easy in this Industry to reveal the truth! No Sales Director wants to hear that Marketing isnt doing their job. Marketing knows how to maintain the status quo because whenever Sales demands a ‘Qualified Tour’, marketing turns off the spigot and they trickle in until Sales says “Ok, just send us tours.” I have been in this industry since 1983 and have pretty much held just about every title and position. As long as it is possible to have an open cattle call for Reps and have enough show up to fill a line, it will remain the same. There seem to be plenty of monkeys to do the job. When there are not enough high quality sales people, they try a ‘greenpea’ line. When there enough really good sales people they have a ‘front-to-backers’ line. You are so right in your article when you say that the same 10% paid in the beginning is the same 10% today. That is because those in the trenches have no voice. There are some groups and associations forming now where voices are starting to be heard. Personally, I dont think that the concept of a ‘union’ works today. However, an Association represented by a law firm dedicated to pursuing the contractual benefits that Reps already have might definitely have results. Already Class Action suits have won Overtime Pay, severance pay, unemployment compensation, hourly wages etc. Without promoting a specific Association I would recommend that ALL in the Industry should do the research and look for a place you can belong. Coming soon: Legal battles to eliminate Charge Backs (already in some states there have been favorable rulings), require Developers to honor severance packages, return reserves, and honor their contractual commitment to deliver a set number of QUALIFIED TOURS (since they require reps to meet VPG and Closing Percentage quotas for compensation plans), base pay that is NOT deducted from commissions, and RCI/II BEWARE coming to you soon…….a demand for compensation for delivery of a service by selling and representing your product without compensation. The ground swell is coming so if you feel that these issues hit home…keep your eyes and ears open because the time has come and there IS a way. The ONLY way forward is by challenging these practices in the courts and there are attorneys who see the potential. Unfortunately that is what it takes to change our Industry…fortunately we have already made changes, won battles and now are prepared for the war that is coming. The other day I was at a local restaurant and overheard to employees from a branded Hotel company celebrating their recent lay off. I asked why they would be happy about that. They told me they were given a 2 week notice, paid a severance of $40,000 for the balance of the year, they received compensation for all vacation and personal time unused, they were paid their bonus for the quarter and prorated bonus for the year, their insurance paid for 6 months, and a recommendation for wherever they apply next. Total they walked away with is about $65,000 They operated a Call Center for the hotel. The last Timeshare Rep who just lost their job had a very different story: Their final commissions were placed into reserves to be paid in 6 months IF THE OWNER PAID 6 CONSECUTIVE TIMELY PAYMENTS minus any ‘Chargebacks for any other untimely mortgages, All bonus and spiffs were forfeited, they did not qualify for unemployment, they were given no notice (cut that morning after the morning meeting), they were informed that there is a Non-Compete clause that prevents them from working within 50 miles of the resort cutting them. Insurance immediately expires although Cobra would be available at 3.5 times the monthly premium (no problem for someone with no income I am sure). So, the time has come in this Industry to make the World aware, for the Judges and Juries across this country to hear our voice and the march is under way. You will have an opportunity to be part of that either way if you are in the Industry you will ultimately benefit.

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    Go ahead Raylando; Vent. Take your time. Let us know what you think (LOL)!

    This is a great business but man-o-man there are people hell bent on ruining it!

    You are right on the money Raylando and especially: “the same 10% paid in the beginning is the same 10% today.”.

    Of course the green-peas don’t get it, don’t know, don’t care, never did, never will and most developers are banking on that ignorance!

    But the new kids get all jacked up in the ‘buzz’ (of the biz) and they like that; and it cracks me up when these modern day so called ‘hot-shots’ walk around prancing and farting like they’re the first ones who ever closed ‘deals’.

    It would all be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    And you are also right that what we need is an Association and not a Union (per se); but some sort of representation and I mean globally.

    I worked in the DR last year for a real loser and man talk about some BS.

    If the PD doesn’t like you (for whatever reasons) and pay day rolls around you’ll find he just decides not to pay ya.

    And other then threatening to kick is A** and having the balls to do just that; there isn’t much else you can do!

    I got paid that day, left the property and was on the next flight out of there.

    I’ve heard it is better to work in Mexico but not willing to take the chance.

    Now I’m in Vegas and they are brining in tours here; so long as they have a pulse and that is about it.

    Never seen so much riffraff in all my life and our sales manager is one of those ‘a sale is made every time-you sell them or they sell you’ jerks!


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    I have come to the conclusion that in this life you get what you pay for.

    Developers want to pay the least they can on marketing contracts, Marketing consultants want to pay the least they can to the hired help(PD). Sales Management(POS,DOS,DOM) want to cut their budgets to maximize their bonus’. Sales and Marketing managers want to minimize their teams commissions to maximize their own take home pay. Sales representative want to slash their sales prices to ensure a deal that wont kick. Buyers want to get the best deal possible due to their particular emotional reasoning for purchasing. On and on the discount rates plummet across the board….

    In today’s culture of corporate greed what else can we have expected to happen?

    I would venture to say that as long as Washington condones blind corporate greed, the deregulation of wall street and all the while continuing to allow the propaganda machines to instil fear mongering and diversionary capitalist rhetoric propaganda to flourish we will not see a change in the way business is done in our industry as well as across the board.
    You get what you pay for……..ethically, morally or monetarily.

    Doesn’t this remind you of the era that brought about Unions to begin with?

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    The Closer

    I would also add complacency to the equation.

    Developers are, sadly, as happy as fat old pigs in slop with $1-2-K VPG’s (as is all levels of management); and they are also pleased accepting that for every 10 so called prospects to their sales centers only 1.5 will actually become owners.

    And that methodology is plain stupid because if they’re going to pay about $500 bucks to get someone in the door you’d think they would step up and deliver tours who have the need for what we sell and the means to acquire a timeshare interest.

    And if you don’t believe all that then look around your sales center of corporate office for that “suggestion box” on how to improve sales and tell us how many you see. You know, the one that has the notice on the outside for a cash Spiff for the best idea of the month (LMAO)!

    Nope. You won’t find it because they all know more than everyone else and they surely don’t want to hear from your sorry losing ass; after all, you’re willing to haul all the NQ’s, CT’s and those 27 year old singles lying about their annual incomes.

    By the way. If you want to get on the fast track to getting buried on the sales line go up to the PD, DOS, DOM, SM or the Developer and tell ’em you have a proven idea on how to increase closing ratio’s, increase net price per contract, get more referrals, lower rescissions etc. and just watch how fast you get screwed.

    Yep, complacency is a huge problem in the biz and as long as they keep dragging in the masses (tours that can barely walk; and green-peas’ to sell ’em) NOTHING will ever change.

    See ya at the bottom!

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