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    Wow Scoop; you series must really be stepping on some toes.

    What you’ve written about is something I totally agree with.

    I’ve got a pretty good deal and can earn up to 17% so that helps a lot; but many of my pals are stuck in rut earning a flat commission of 9% with no bonuses, goals etc.

    I’m just glad I’m sitting in a pretty good slot.

    And I wouldn’t do a 9% deal for any developer.

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    10%….9%…more like 7% probably 6% we are going backwards in this industry..Oh sorry they make it up with Bonus….but you will still make money as you are being pitched by your DOS as they cut your commission once again! ….So just reach the level they set for you and guess what….you can make up to x, y, and z. Sad part is the reps believe the bs that has been pitched to them….I have a bridge that has gold nuggets in the middle of it,
    all you need is a jackhammer to get to the gold…

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    As a 29 year industry veteran who has taken 1000’s of tours and closed more than 1000’s of tables I know what you say is sadly true. When I entered the industry in 1983 w/ Marriott our avg weeks were about $$9K and our base pay was 10% with a bonus up to 16% and this was with Marriott Ownership Resorts (MORI) remember?)

    I have since witnessed great contraction of both base commission and bonus commission. MORE AND MORE of our sales and marketing $$ went to the MARKETING side at the expense of the SALES side. It is what it is. NEVER in our history have we done MORE for LESS~ All of the brands have severely contracted (REDUCED) their base and bonus commission % only because the COULD…(why does a dog lick his B—s, because he CAN!

    The fact is that a $1M plus producer once earned $300k plus those days are alas gone…forever! The FAT LADY is IN THE BLDG NOW! The days of retail T/S sales at $20k to $80K PER WEEK are quickly becoming GONE! WYM MRR, Starwood, Westgate, Holiday Inn Disney etc can NO LONGER try to sell (dupe) unsuspecting non-savvy timeshare buyers to pay RETAIL when they can be bought on the resale market for 80% LESS! Thats right 80% less! A 30 year product that has a life-time shelf life can not be sustained! Club product can be rented for an avg of $70.00 per night at most ANY BRAND! I sold it for over 25 years as something I could and would sell to my mother…but alas no more!

    Be happy for whatever base the brands pay you now…it will only get lower my friends! When the reality is if you can sell RETAIL T/S today than you deserve more $$ than we EVER made, for it is harder and harder to justify and create a value proposition for buying at retail…which is fully ridiculous on every level! Good selling to all of you who still labor in that arena…in 2012 you deserve all due respect, and all that you can you can earn from those great efforts.

    Publious says you should all…SAVE YOUR MONEY! You will NEED it for your new career soon.

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    Taco Bob

    Publious, you are oh so damn correct on all points and especially “…it is harder and harder to justify and create a value proposition…”.

    We are also up against the resale inventory, the press that warns consumers not to buy directly from the developer, all the negs online about timeshare in general, the rehash of timeshare owners we tour who often know as much as we do about the industry, value, how to exchange and….

    So I agree gang.

    Save your money, invest in a Hot-dog stand because if the developers don’t wake up and do it damn soon and make the adjustments required (including marketing) we’ll all do better standing on a corner somewhere selling Nathan hot dogs on a steamy hot bun loaded with onions, sour kraut, and other delicious condiments, oh, and a soda!

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    Peter Gunn

    Publious, you are 100% bulls-eye accurate!

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    I am new to timeshare and just finished reading all four chapters of ‘A Timeshare Race To he Bottom” and as I finished and sat here a King James Bible verse came to mind; and I now wonder how many of these developers are God fearing and believers.

    1 Timothy 5:18 “For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.”

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    I like Timeshares

    Scoop, this is an extremely interesting column for those of us that are not in this industry. I’ve been reading every word so far and will continue to read everything I can about Time Shares. I wondered how much money you guys were making and I came pretty close in my estimate. My wife and I bought retail to get us to a certain level of perks, then filled in with aftermarket points and this seems to be working so far. I should say that we love timeshares and use them as often as possible. What I would like to see is something positive said about the industry, it can’t all be bad, and with 10,000 people a day retiring, seems to me that this industry still should be a good place to work.

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    This is a great business ‘I Like Timeshares'; it is a great product and service we sell.

    Yes, there are problem areas as there are in ALL businesses.

    For those of us in the trenches the problem has always been marketing (first) and then over the past many years the constant reduction in our earnings by lowering commissions and bonuses.

    But if you hook up with the right developer (and managment) some of them (albeit fewer and fewer) pay really well and they do have cash spiffs, monthly and quarterly bonuses and if you become really good at selling and closing the deals you can make $200-K (and sometimes even have benefits too).

    We’ve evolved over the past 40 years from a cut throat dog eat dog down and dirty business and today we’re still dealing with that background but like I said, you get in with the right company then you’ll do really well and have the time of your life (to be sure)!

    So come on in; there is always room for talent and let me be the first to welcome you to the ride of your life!

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      I like Timeshares

      Thanks for the reply, I’m on my way to Bonnet Creek for a week then to Sea Watch for a few days. It is reassuring to hear any good news about this industry, This web site is the absolute best place I’ve found for T/S information.

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    Resale Resale Resale!!!!! thats where the real dollars will be made by the savy time share sales pros in the future . Ive been in the industry 11 yrs and have watched commissions steadly shrink as the price of everything continues to climb.In august of 2011 I became involved with a sales room doing TS foreclosure and liquidation sales and business has been continously growing month after month after month.I now represent a product that is within reach of all the “guests” that come to our sales center.The operation has gone from a five day a week two party a day center to a seven day a week three party a day cash machine!

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      Hmmmm….Beauregard, I’d have to agree…and that scenario really hits home. I truely believe that resale industry is like a baloon that continues to be filled and is ready to POP! It makes sense for the purchaser and the seller. The real winners though are the HOAs and other existing owners with MF interests. Each unit sold to a happy, dues paying member helps keep those fees from skyrocketing.

      Perhaps you could head over to the Venetian and spread the word. I’m sure it’s a hot topic this week in Vegas at ARDA World 2012.

      Some industry folks have seen this coming for some time and now the consumers are beginning to learn. The next question is will the exchange companies and developers ever come out of the bedroom they share and open their eyes?

      Beauregard, I’m sure your growing salesroom will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead. You’re in a good spot and you’re salesroom is lucky to have someone with your conviction and good sense. I truely wish you the best.

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