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    Love the business but everything written is all so true, every word!

    I’ve been a rep for several years and have learned that from making the sale (now) to the way we are treated by management and the developer is all about today.

    This past Tuesday I had to take one of those young cohabitating couples on tour and I didn’t get a deal.

    But the gal right below me on the line and from the first wave had a gold-ball tour and closed a four week package for $28,750.00!

    That could have been my shot and on Wednesday I was on the bottom of the list and didn’t get out at all.

    Effectively, I lost two days in a row for a chance to make a living, pay my bills and with two days off each week this week I will only have three days (max) to earn a buck.

    The an up is an up and you are only as good is your last deal rules this business.

    We even get called weak and are ridiculed when we sell a Mickey or we have a be-back.

    As if it is my problem a buyer is low on funds for the down stroke;.

    And if having a be-back is so bad then why do developers have in-house teams selling to the ultimate be-backs which are existing in-house owners?

    Its all just to crazy!

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    Scoop’s series “A Timeshare Race To The Bottom” (all four parts) uses facts and logic in putting forth a much-needed discussion of the state of the Industry. And, the valid points brought forth in the series will fall directly on the deaf ears–and closed minds–of the high level executives that could effect much needed changes.

    Before inflation and the time value of money does it’s number of Salespeople’s income, the Industry commits it’s own form of slow suicide everyday:

    Years ago John Sweeney, from either RCI or Ragatz, (I forget which) gave that Industry the answer they should have listened to: “In order for a client to actually make a Timeshare purchase, 2 things need to happen. One, they have to have ‘the desire to own the product’ and, two, they have to have the ability to purchase. Many people [apparently not enough people] are thinking we ought to have better qualifications and talk to fewer people”.

    1. RESORT MAKE A FORMAL POLICY OF RUNNING SCARED: Most of the Resorts we talk to–and we talk to them everyday–are still using, believe it or not, a range of between $45,000 and $55,000 for the minimum qualification. In 1987 when I started, the minimum was 45,000. You’d need it to be $81,850 to be equal today. Is your Resort’s minimum 81,850? Resort’s are so terrified of losing a tour to another Resort, they won’t raise the minimum to remotely what it should be. That’s O.K, you need the practice hauling unqualified ups anyway. It keeps you sharp and “on track”. And remember, since you don’t get paid unless you make a sale, you’re free labor to your Resort.

    2. AN UP IS AN UP IS AN UP: Resorts groups every “body” into the same category. 69 years old and in a wheel chair? 78 years old and in ill health? Bring ’em in–we have reps waiting! They’ll take 27, 38 or 42 tours of that age and demographic and THEN, one of them buys! ” See, we told you age doesn’t matter. This proves we were right all along!” Meanwhile, the Resort has run through $12,000, $15,000 or $20,000 in marketing money to get that sale. Not too bad you say? Remember, that money doesn’t come from the gross dollars of the sale. It comes from the profit on the sale–after unit cost, land cost, development cost, accounting services, legal, payroll, taxes, etc., etc. etc., all on a pro-rata bases for total Resort units. BUT, once again, you’re free labor aren’t you. You work for free, with no income, while you “practice”.

    What’s the point here? Simply that you lose money before you even make it–not just after you make it as most of what Scoops fine articles have pointed out.

    O.K. let’s get pumped. It’s SHOWTIME!

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    Good ones VTM, Richard and Scoop!

    But what can be done about all this?

    Maybe Scoop can post which resort deals pay the highest commissions, pay bonuses and have a real UP qualification process!

    I’ve been thinking about going to the Dominican Republic as I hear the tour flow is much better as is the pay.

    I am just starting to drag my butt hauling to much trash and earning a flat 6% when I finally get an UP that has money to spend.

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