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    Sometimes I stand corrected.
    But i would say again, if the Developers would have let the owners out of their contracts when they wanted, there would be no place in the industry for these fraudsters. That’s how they solved the problems in the EU where all the schemes came from to begin with. Copy the fraud, copy the solution….

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    I’m with you Timedog; once again the pile of you know what affecting our sales etc. continues to be ignored by developers who could have and should have ended all this crap many years ago!

    Why developers don’t get it is surreal!

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    Let me guess..you’re one of those arrested. We are not fooled. Own up to your wrong doings blaming the big guy doesn’t justify your criminal acts.

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    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” (LMAO)

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    i knew everyone of them and they all was scammers in the business.. i guess we will see them on the american greed series

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    These cons are so stupid. They could do the same type of business and be legit–but NO, rip people off is their greed.

    Makes no sense to me!

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    Egg harbor

    Adam is a thief. I worked with him at Windham. All those guys are crooks. I heard they are looking at 20 years in prison. If they are lucky they might walk away with 15 years. I need my Windham timeshare mortgage paid, do you know anyone who will pay it for me? Blahhhhh

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      I hope adam goes to jail for a long time. How stupid can those people be. Maybe he will sell timeshare in jail. They are going on a very long timeshare vacation. How many years will they actually get?

    2. 7.2

      big dog Killer

      Timekeeper are you gay!

      1. 7.2.1


        Who’s “Timekeeper”?

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    adam will most likely get the most time because he owned the company. usually the owner get the majority of the time.

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      I just found out the FBI is still letting th VO GROUP operate. This country has some screwed up laws. I guess they just want them to did a deeper hole…LMAO

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        The company wasn’t indicted, just the people who own/run it. And they haven’t been convicted of anything yet.

        Maybe an injunction against the company itself needs to come from a different agency? I don’t know, just asking.

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    I know these people, Allegations are allegations and I’d be willing to bet Developers are behind it. Guess we will see how it all plays out.

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    time will tell… If they are still open all must be good, correct????

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