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    The fact that the largest fraudster on the block commends the new law is very amusing, very amusing indeed. Just a few years back I personally, along with countless others was awarded a judgment in a class action suit against RCI due to RCI not offering banked units as exchange units, because they were renting the majority of their banked units out for cash. The number one reason my clients tell me they want to resell, they cant use their timeshare and when they try and exchange they can never get what they want.
    Give me a break……..
    Is there fraud in Timeshare, yes. But I see more fraud in the insurance industry the banking industry and my personal favorite the Medical field, where are the big announcements about laws being passed to regulate these fraudsters??

    More damage is done to our industry by the continual publication of articles referencing fraud in timeshare then the actual fraud that has taken place.

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      on the sidelines

      agree whole heartedly. lets go deeper. Why did this law even have to be written? If anyone would research the anti real estate broker legislation initiated by lobbyists since the early 1980’s and introduced into law under florida ch.721, herelies part of the answer. Then goto the AG’s web sight in the state of florida,find the companies under investigation and see who lent them their logos for a fee that appear on their websights.This economic crime spree would never had occured if it were not for the way resales were encouaged.

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