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    You Go SuperRep!

    Gee, I wonder who BreezyPorkbutt Vacation Club (BVC) could be?


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    Ah, I love it when Scoop decides to go on a quest and tell the unvarnished truth about how the Bean Counters with their anally retentive Corporate Mind-Set engage in–and continue to engage in–the suicidal, counter-productive and downright stupid actions and policies that screw up this once great industry. It’s all about how the Corporates plan, scheme and act to destroy the very engine that produces every last penny that pays for every last thing. That would be the Salespeople, you Corporate idiots.

    Take your nose out of the spreadsheet for a minute, talk to a non MBA, non Bean Counter old pro Timeshare veteran and let him or her tell you how to compensate the your sales crew for maximum productivity, loyalty and reward.

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    I don’t want to upset or shock any of these TS Corporate Exec’s but for thousands of years instead of cutting employee pay there is this very complicated equation that is used to adjust and offset a companies increase in operational costs etc. and I think it is based on something called inflation (or something like that)

    The way I believe it works, for example, is when the baker has to pay more for dough that instead of cutting the employee’s earning’s back they seem to pass on the increase to the consumer.

    I know it sounds odd but I think I works cause I haven’t seen a 5 cent loaf of bread in a pretty long time.

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    Developers know (for sure) there costs but many aren’t on top of their game when it comes to pricing.

    And like Bob pointed out, they seem to think cutting pay/commissions is the way to go when their costs increase.

    In Flordia for example where costs are fairly equal for construction per sq ft including land and everything else that goes into building etc. you’ll have many resors with about the same bucks into them but they’re retail prices will be miles apart!

    Same is true in Mexico and down there the labor costs is so low it is unbelievable; yet, selling prices are all over the board!

    Cutting commissions is never the answer!

    And doing so to offset costs is a socialist approach to a capitalist/business issue and demonstrates Government type ignorance and decision making of basic market-corporate-business realities.

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