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    Great analogy Scoop.

    The same can be said of sales and marketing reps too.

    Rarely are we vested; and we live in a world that we are only as good as our last deal.

    We make a ‘deal’ today but, in the real world, when we go home that evening and we are basically unemployed because the next day we have no set income and have to get up, head to the office and do our best to get a deal and make a living that day.

    Blank that day, we are still without an income (same as being unemployed) and then blank the next day, the one after that and then finally 3, 4, or 5 days later we get another deal and make some money (assuming the deal sticks and we have no charge-backs coming out of our next pay check.

    But when we go home that night—–again, the cycle repeats.

    We are again unemployed and wait for the next day to roll around so that once again we start from scratch.

    The whole marketing and sales cycle needs to be re-tooled!

    As it has been and is; its an endless cycle of insanity and a day to day–hand to mouth—- existence from the developer all the way down the food-line.

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    Big Guns

    The way we do business reminds me of the Amish, the people from Maine, or the people from Missouri.

    Like them, our leaders don’t like change even when it can be proven there are better more effective ways.

    What is ironic though is that the first timeshare developer were all about change; get people out of motel/hotel rooms and have them improve their vacationing lifestlyes.

    Go figure!

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