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    Right On Right On Right On; Good Advice Scoop.

    Six years ago I made the change and will never work in a TO room again.

    First and foremost, not only do I control the entire sales process I no longer give up the extra income to the front end.

    I actually double my income and so I’m a believer.

    You know what they say don’t ya:

    Once you try Front-To-Back; you’ll NEVER go back! (LMAO)!

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    And once again, Scoop is right on the money. In 26 years in the biz, I worked at exactly 2 T.O. track and, fortunately, it was early on where the drawbacks–and reduced income–was obvious. I purposely never worked or managed a T.O. track again.

    The other issue is what a T.O. often brings to the table (pun intended) with instructions to use what he/she brings:

    The Nose Bleed Drop (s), the Repossession pitch, the phony Table Buy-Back pitch, the It Pays For Itself Rental Pitch and the “Rescission Doesn’t Apply With This Special Discounted Price” pitch–often accompanied by having the new Owners sign a “waiver”. These all being part of the “No Heat, No Eat” philosophy of certain companies many of us have seen.

    But, fortunately, most of these abuses which have given our industry an absolutely terrible reputation were prevented by the noble, extremely effective-in-protecting-the-consumer–and well enforced and especially meaningful–ARDA “Code of Ethics”. Nusbaum has one in a vault, buried deep below ground level.

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    That guy


    I agree with most who will read this article that you have a very valid point. The unfortunate part is that there are very few in this industry that are capable of going f2b. Developers are unwilling to spend the $ and more importantly time to develope these kind of professional sales reps. They would rather hire in masses and turn the line every 90-120 days.

    Because of that the TO process is still necessary. The TO itself just needs to change. They need to be the true experts on not only their product but the whole travel industry. Be true sales proffesionals, learn the prospects and your sales reps. Enough with the cliche sales tactics. It’s hard to close a deal when you come in not having heard any of the presentation, smelling like cigs and coffee, and expect to gain any trust or respect.

    It’s not the TO, it’s the people that get hired to be TO’s.

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    Long time reader, first time poster—and I love this site too!

    The real problem, the one we’ve dealt with since the dawn of time is that to many people have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo!

    Developer and upper management seen no reason to change; and I guess I can’t blame them because they are living well.

    Same is true of PD’s, DOS’s, DOM’s and SM’s.

    It’s kind of like how consumers don’t wake up one morning thinking by God, today would be a great day to buy/own a long term vacation plan!

    Same is true in our business. As long as the numbers are being hit nobody that has any authority wakes up one morning and thinks that today I’m going to do what it takes to develop a long term business plan and increase those ‘stats’!

    Scoop pretty much said it all:

    Change never comes easy in the timeshare business. For example the mere suggestion of altering the selling process on those (mostly) little round tables is enough to make some in ‘the biz’ go into immediate convulsions while their heads rotate 360 degrees, green vomit spews from their mouths and they scream obscenities as to why change is not an option!

    Or as I like to say: ‘Changes? We don’t need no stinkin’ changes’!

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    PV Closer

    The T/O system is simply this:

    Never have so few – made so much – off the back’s of so many – hauling the trash for the few!

    Here in PV I work front to back and I too would never go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have stingent tour qualifications, we ‘pre-pitch’ before we let them tour and nobody works here who can’t produce at least a $3,000 VPG!

    We have a ball; we all get along great, no love lines, no BS etc; because we are all PROS and we make good money too!

    It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Adios Amigos!

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