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    I agree that there is something terribly wrong with developers paying for these tours and then we have to spend several hours (if we do our job right) with each one of them when from a statistical perspective including the few who do buy there is no financial gains.

    Why any developer would pay hundreds of dollars for a tour who is 25-30 or 70-75 is just incomprehensible to me so this morning I sent an e-mail to my Sister who is an RN and works with Doctors at a State Hospital.

    I described the situtation and here, in part, is how she responded to that portion of my e-mail to her.

    This may be a case of Manic-depressive disorders which is also known as Bipolar disorder and can include manic episodes that sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as being delusional.

    Being delusional is a pathological situation (an illness of either neurological or mental origin) and often includes a strongly held belief about any given topic etc despite superior evidence to the contrary.

    However, the delusions are not based on false, incomplete information or perceptions etc. as are hallucinations.

    Being psychotic (or Psychosis) can refer to an abnormal condition of the mind and is a generic term that our Doctors use that can also describe a persons inability to associate with or accept reality.

    Hope this helps

    I don’t know exactly what all that means so I’ve asked her some more questions but I can say this much. It is fricken crazy to waste money on these types of tours!

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    Yet another column by Scoop that’s right on the money. Personally, I found it a little mild and sedate for my taste. I much prefer when Scoop’s a little more, shall we say, “animated”. When the tone is imbued with undisguised rage at the outright and indefensible stupidity the Mucky Mucks insist on demonstrating on a daily basis. Oh, well, so many Dragons to slay, so little time. Maybe next week.

    One of the reasons(and a huge reason) Developers continue to tour “guests” that are obviously too young or too old–and far outside the age and income demographic known and proven to comprise Timeshare Owners–you know, the tours that actually BUY Timeshare– is that Reps are Free Labor. They don’t have to pay the Rep diddly squat.

    And, as long as this compensation model for Reps exists, NOTHING will change.

    So, Developers feel no compunction whatsoever about dumping these losers on Reps as a “Courtesy Tour” and honestly expect the Rep to be grateful for the “Opportunity”. Not only that, but Reps are expected to use this “Opportunity” to “Practice” and “Hone Your Skills”. But make no mistake, they also expect the Rep to sell this absurd fiasco of a tour in the meantime. They actually believe their own bullshit.

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    I don’t know what you mean VTM that they don’t pay us diddly squat?

    I’ll have you know that at our track we have an actual guaranteed salary of $400 per week (plus commission) and we only work 36 hours each week!

    Why just today I spent two hours with a very nice elderly gentlemen who lost is wife last year but because he was going into surgery next week he didn’t purchase and that is okay because it was my pleasure to have met him, toured Dave around the resort, explain our program and with my salary I still earned $22.22 for just a couple hours work!

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      This is a joke, right? Please tell me it’s a joke. $22.22 for two hours work is $11.11 an hour, slightly above minimum wage. Is this a “Well, it better than nothing” post?

      You’ve heard the term “Tour Guide”, right?

      Never mind. This is a joke, I know it is. Ya got me.

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    Yes VTM you have been punked!

    The scary part is the if they can figure a way to make it even less ($), watch out, they’ll go for it!

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    Down here in Mexico some of the PDs and SMs get a kick back from the DOMs so as long as the team hits the numbers the developer could care less and management is making a lot of extra Pesos too!

    I use to work at one place in Cancun were nobody was ever NQ’d!

    Gee, I wonder why?

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