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    I use to work with this guy Ron Sparks who always said:

    Buyers are liars!

    Never fully agreed with that but I would agree there are a lot of:

    Lying Sales Guest From Hell!

    And the really bad ones are those people who post on the internet, write letters to their editors, tell their friends, neighbors and co-workers about how we pressure them and that we are all liars when it is they are are the cheats and liars—not all, but many!

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    I agree 100% that if you “eliminate their opportunity to lie” you have totally disarmed them.

    Once all the lies are out of the equation the presentation takes on a whole new dimension and becomes what it is, short and simple:

    Selling great accommodations with great amenities, great services and activities, a great lifestyle, a great way to vacation, great destinations, great resorts, great times with family — and if ya can’t sell that then it is time for you to go….

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