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    Haven’t been in an old-style sales center for some time.

    But when I read your column I had unpleasant flashbacks of loud and often obnoxious music, corny podium speakers, BS deletions, liners yelling out for assistance, double and triple T/O’s, exit closers, tours looking at and winking at other tours acknowledging the circus like atmosphere and a lot of clueless liners and wanna-be closers running around damn near as confused as most the tours were!

    When I was working in that kind of freak show I was always on top of the list but when I left and came to a professional selling environment and the music and all the other crap was absent my personal stats, out the chute, literally doubled and have been that way since.

    I’ve even had many buyers, usually TS owners who’ve been to many presentations tell me how much they appreciated our approach.

    I’d NEVER go back to a three ringed Barnum & Bailey deal!

    Just the atmosphere alone turns off many tours.

    Especially the Gold Ball ones who walk into the room and immediately judge the routine which makes them also prejudge what they are in store for and what we’ll likely have to offer.

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    Could not agree more. I stopped selling back in 2005 and was recently witness to a timeshare sales presentation at one of the “brand names” in the business.

    NOTHING had changed from the days when I started (2000)…the whole system from the meet and greet, the small crowded tables, the stale donuts, the misrepresentations and most upsetting to me, the lack of knowledge of what the truths actually were.

    Sad. But on the bright side, there is a HUGE upside to organizations and professionals that do the right thing.

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    Fraud in general and specifically of timeshare are the order of the day. Customers should be cautious and not be fooled by false promises about investment returns, timeshare resales or anything that sounds too good to be true.

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    Loved all the posts and after reading the spot on remarks a couple thoughts came to mind.

    “freak show” = see everything below!

    “loud and often obnoxious music” = sales center run by an Goon!

    “corny podium speakers” = developer only pays a sawbuck or two per deal!

    “BS deletions” = prejudging the gullibility of all tours!

    “liners yelling out for assistance” = all tours knows who and what’s next!

    “double and triple T/O’s” = getting really ugly now!

    “exit closers” = exhausted and broke tours wondering why they weren’t told about this before — and still don’t buy!

    “circus like atmosphere” = car and land sales!

    “clueless liners and wanna-be closers running around damn near as confused as most the tours were” = see above!

    “stale donuts” = a penny wise and pound foolish developer!

    “lack of knowledge” = training consisted of one ride with one equally untrained liner!

    “false promises” = reps drive beater cars!

    “investment returns” = reps don’t have a savings account!

    “sounds too good to be true” = pitched by a rep who can’t afford and never took or owned a timeshare vacation!

    “loons” = Former DOM’s who become PD’s or VIP’s!

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    Yet another column/article that gets it right on the money. If a reader didn’t know better he/she would think Scoop had spent a good amount of time working in all phases of the Timeshare Industry.

    In addition to all the other good point made in this column, the issue of the Resale Market is a huge failure by the Industry. I once.long ago, wrote a rant posted to something called “Street Talk” talking about how ARDA and Developers had a golden opportunity to actually deal with the Resale Market. And before it became a monster that literally devours Developer and Salespersons profit and income. Unfortunately, it’s even more true today. than ever before. Profits lost to people who buy on the Resale Market originally–and after kicking–is in the multi-millions, if not Billions of dollars. Every. Single. Year.

    Here’s something that the mucky-muks will never get as they back-slap themselves in an orgy of hubris It aint what you’re doing, it’s what you could–and should–be doing.

    Scoops points made, with a strong emphasis on the rise of the Resale Market fiasco, is an indictment of shortsightedness, lost opportunity and outright incompetence amid egotism and self congratulation.

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    During the early 70’s many timeshare developments started in the USA because some real estate developers back then couldn’t unload their condo’s in a weak economy and most consumers weren’t even all that familiar with (or believed) the idea that they could buy and own a piece of real estate in the ‘sky’ (condo’s) anyway.

    So instead of going bankrupt a handful of condo developers started flipping their inventory into TS units and because there was no established TS selling system or reps around at the time the developers hired truck loads of dirt peddlers who brought their selling methods & system with them.

    Also back then and with barely an ounce of regulations and licensing requirements in place for the reps most of them (developers too) thought the whole thing wouldn’t last, that the idea of timesharing was an outright scam so the smart money was to make hay while the sun shined and they pitched as much heat as their twisted little narrow and shallow minds could conjure up!

    It was a cut-throat deal all the way around and that model took hold and as more TS deals started popping up all over the place the system was duplicated time and time again. In short order the system became firmly entrenched and forever in place.

    By the time Brands and regulations came along the general opinion was that the industry might not go away and the Brands would help clean up the act.

    But with the same sales model in place and some of the Brands actually trained their reps to pitch TS like the dirt peddlers; thinking, why knock success!

    And here it is about 40 years later and although there isn’t near the amount of heat being pitched not much else changed.

    And don’t look for the people upstairs to change now because they have their big bucks ($) rolling in by the wheel barrel full and as far as they are concerned (wrongly); all is well and there is no reason whatsoever to upset their apple carts.

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