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    Boy you nailed that one!

    I brought this to the attention of my SM first, then the PD and their lame response was ‘you are making more when you close bigger deals so what’s the problem’.

    Well here is the problem. Our average deal is about $13,500 with a 20% (target) down ($2,700) and $10,800 carried at 14%.

    My last big deal, just last week was double ($27,000) our average and with a full down of $5,400 and $21,600 carried at 14%.

    I should get some sort of POP on the difference (above the average sales price)!

    Surely a meager 5% POP is warranted. That would be on the a nice bonus of $675!

    I earn $675 and the developer rakes in a lot more on these deals!

    And on all cash deals that are bigger than the average I should get at least a 10% POP on the difference!

    Even if my developer waited a week or two past the rescission period and then paid the POP as a (all or partial) cash spiff during the morning meeting that would excite others to no end.

    And in this business where money talks and bullshit walks there is nothing more exciting and motivating than cash spiffs and that is for sure!

    Besides, It’s no money out of the developers pocket anyway.

    I close the deals, I get the money rolling in and I earned more money for the house and the house should give me my cut (Grrrrr)!

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    If a developers are profitable paying out a certain percentage on each deal and then, when I can, I pack the same deal an extra grand or two and especially on all cash deals then I should get my regular percentage on the deal and at least 80% of the pack and the developer can keep the 20% as kind of a reverse spiff!

    Yeah, I know, that won’t happen.

    But know this everyone; It could be that way because it was never about sales and marketing costs because we cover that nut anyway.

    It is just developers wanting more from each deal! Short and Simple!

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