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    I know I’ve heard the term “CASH SPIFFS” somewhere along the lines but for the life of me I can’t recall what it means (LMAO).

    Anyway, I agree with Zig’s take!

    Here is the problem; at least from my experience.

    As we all know really talented liners, closers and especially Front to Back Pros make a good living but when pay day rolls around resentment strikes in the back office because those people see our checks but they are also clueless as to what we do, how we do it and what we put up with to make the deals happen!

    Plus, there are those paydays when we don’t get a check-but the back office people don’t seem to take that into account.

    All they see are our paychecks (commissions) that are double, triple and more the size of their own; and they don’t care for that one bit.

    Then, in the old days, someone in the back office was responsible for going to the bank each day and getting thousands of dollars in cash to be past out as SPIFFS during each morning meeting; and they didn’t understand, like or get that either!

    On top of that; the deal makers mostly work less than a forty hour work week, dress sharp, sport fashionable shoes , drive fine cars, wear beautiful jewelry and those who of us who are not wasting money on the party life also travel, have savings and investments too!

    Plus, rightfully, we are a very confident group to be sure!

    And that attitude has no place in the back office where people must keep their eyes and noses pointed downward at their desks and computers during their 8 hour grind and whenever we have to come to the back office we’re always in a great mood, friendly, kind and courteous to everyone—as long as nobody crosses us that is-because we can and will come ‘down’ on someone big time if they do!

    And that includes the Big Boss; because we know (and so do they) that the best of us can work where ever we damn well please because there are not enough of us high net producers to go around!

    Mind you most of us are modest and don’t behave in an arrogant manner or that we’re above the crowd; but we do know who we are!

    Of course some developers want all their sales and marketing reps to make a bundle of money which is why they still have SPIFFS and pay commissions upwards of 15% and more.

    Other developers have commission payouts between liners and closer (or front to back) capped at 9% and no SPIFFS or bonuses!

    And they wonder why they can’t find talent!

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    We had a manager from 2008 to 2010 who stopped holding sales meeting’s except once a week.

    When Cathy did hold them there wasn’t much sizzle and at least a half a dozen times she told us to keep the faith, that yes, things are bad but some day it will all turn around.

    When we made sales we were mostly half heartedly applauded for doing so but there were no spiff’s or bonuses of any kind and what is really odd is she wasn’t fired but finally quit and moved back east.

    Our new manager Mark had the old school approach. Meeting’s were held five days a week (sometimes 7) and I swear he was using his own money in the beginning because all of a sudden we did have cash spiff’s.

    Everyone’s attitude improved, the sales starting increasing and by 2011 those of us still onboard were doing a lot better!

    Cash Spiff’s paid out the next morning RULE!

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    Haven’t seen a next morning spiff in more than a decade.

    Even between 00 and 07 when everything was going strong we had no spiffs.

    Never understood why developers stopped paying them out. But in the 90’s my spiff’s were my mad money like so many others I lived off them and banked my checks each week for the big epenses to cover car payments, insurance, mortgage and so forth.

    Always loved the morning meeting’s in those days when after the announcement of the pevious days deals and other ramblings our manager would toss out the spiffs for the day; and the big money was on moving special inventory.

    Some of my biggest next morning spiff’s were $400 for a two week $25,000 deal.

    Now those were some great days and times.

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