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    We have never been known to be proactive.

    As an industry we are slow to be reactive even while the Internet was costing developers millions (each) in lost deals they sat back and did nothing.

    And that was just from the bad press that lost sales; forget about how many deals have been lost to the resale inventory online.

    Before the collapse happend the objective was just haul more numbers and that, they thought, would solve all problems.

    Now, Billions of dollars in revenue have forever been lost and I’m betting most developer will just keep with the status quo until they simply go out of business.

    It’s ashame and sad too because it was, like you said, a great ride for them and many of us!

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    When developers learn the differences from gross income, disposable income and discretionary income we’ll all be a lot better off.

    There are developers, still, forcing us to take $40,000 and $50,000 annual gross income tours!

    When you get a bunch of tours like those in a row you’ll likely get canned or put on the bottom of the list or on overage because you didn’t write zip; and the sales manager will tell everyone else you got weak!

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    If you want to change things first start by having the developers and all levels of managment from the marketing department including the OPC’s, the sales managers, the PD’s (everyone) and just watch how fast they’ll finally figure things out and do what needs to be done!


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    Sorry about that; just read my post and I forgot to add to have them all “take tours for about one month“. Then: “just watch how fast they’ll finally figure things out and do what needs to be done!


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    This piece seems to acknowledge that the timeshare industry is at its inevitable end. It is now just another segment of the hospitality rental market. Industries don’t last forever–technology, market forces, etc. cause profound changes–this is just another example of that. Time for us to reflect, re imagine, reinvent…or retire.

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    All any developer needs to do is just that.

    Sit back, have a huge fatty, ponder the known and unknown universes and figure out what they need to do next.

    Maybe they should have a B-B-Q too while thinking on it.

    Hey, does anyone know if there are any good online pizza deals going on right now that I can order?

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