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    “Hauling UPS”; is a negative mind set.

    It is usually reflected in sales reps over all attitudes which leads to another negative being the “next” methodology.

    Developers should have a policy of love the one you’re with and only provide each liner and closer one shot a day; and of course the developers would have to step up the qualification standards too.

    Wouldn’t work in the body factories but I worked at a small track for a couple years where the developer did just that and we had no choice but to do better; and that we did.

    So much so it turned out to be my best earning years to date!

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    I’ll grade each point.

    The (1) quality of what is being sold, (2) its marketability, (3) the price point, (4) to whom it is being marketed to, (5) the manner in which it is advertised and the (6) competence, proficiency and professionalism of the sales representatives, their presentation and closing skills.

    1. A

    2. B+

    3. C+

    4. C

    5. D-

    6. A+ to F (individual sales reps)

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