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    Couldn’t agree more that most sales orientated businesses, which is most of them, are dropping the ball and can’t sell worth a damn.

    And since you mentioned a pizza restaurant; a few months back on my way to a friends house for Monday Night football I stopped off at a pizza place to grab a pie to take to the game.

    Had never been there before. Walked in. Order a large combo and waited about 30 minutes and got it and left.

    Everyone loved the pizza and wanted to know where I bought it.

    I really wasn’t sure of the name of the place because I had never been there before and there was no restaurant name on the box, no phone number, no address, no menu attached. Nothing.

    About two weeks later my wife wanted pizza and I told her how good the one I had bought for that game was and knowing the area where I stopped off I did a google search and found their phone number; but no website.

    Called them up and asked if they had an online menu; and of course, they did not.

    Asked if they had delivery service; NO was the answer.

    The gal told me they were going to get a website (soon); but since my wife couldn’t read a menu we didn’t place an order.

    Then, just this last weekend during the Sunday game, I looked online and they still had no website.

    I called, and was only told they’d have one (soon). Again, we didn’t order.

    So they are in the business to sell pizzas, but they lost business from me on at least two more occasions.

    They likely lost business (sales) to my friends from the Monday game and because they don’t have an online presence where pizza hungry and deprived people are searching all the time, daily, they’ve lost even more pizza sales.

    I suppose they’re lucky they aren’t selling pizza’s in Washington and Oregon because I suspect pizza sales are going though the roof there (LOL).

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