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    Bravo Scoop!

    The hypocrisy of it all just cracks me up, no pun intended.

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    “You Papers Please”!

    This anal probe thing in America has gotten way out of control.

    For example after 9/11 in small and large cities across the USA someone in government thought that motel and hotel properties should start photo copying the Drivers Licenses and Credit Cards of everyone who checks into their properties and keep those on file (even though identity theft is rampant and ruining peoples lives, every day and all over the country).

    This is a volunteer program (for the property owners) but the catch is that at least once a week a cop from the local police department goes by all the properties in their area participating and picks up copies of those ID’s and takes them to the police station (to do whatever they want like enter them into a government data base of some sorts).

    It seems the high-end properties don’t participate as much as others and I don’t know about any timeshare resorts but I do know that the general public staying at participating properties aren’t ever told their private information is being turned over to the authorities.

    And next time you are driving and stopped or pass through an intersection (take a real good look); there are camera’s at every major intersection as well as on the freeway systems and they even have them in the public transit system on the buses, trains; everywhere.

    And just wait and see what happens when on vacation and you drive into Mexico or Canada from the USA.

    You will be screened, in most cases, when you first leave the USA and the interrogations do not just include asking you to claim your citizenship status . And of course, when you return they have your info on file and as you pull up the camera has scanned your license plate and sometimes when it is your turn to meet the Border Agent they call you by your name.

    Like I said, this anal probe thing in America has gotten way out of control!

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    Just think of all the TV, movie stars and athletes who’ve been busted over the years allegedly arrested and charged on everything form smoking pop to being drunk, shop lifting, being pervs’ and nearly everything else under the sun.

    Pretty sure most of them couldn’t pass the moral turpitude clauses to get real estate or timeshare licenses but they continue to earn a great living doing what they do best (acting/sports).

    These background checks and blood test are just this era’s form of McCarthyism; google that if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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