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    Hey Scoop! My first guess was that the developer is Bluegreen Resorts but now I’m not sure.

    On their website they are promoting a “Preview Getaway” deal and the youngest age accepted is 25 plus participants must have a valid personal major credit card too so that rules out the debit card angle.

    I did read on their site that the annual combined household income to get the getaway is only $40-K; which is 20% + or – lower than the national average income so a lot of their tours are not big spenders or buyers to be sure.

    It could be, if Bluegreen is the developer, that they cut a special deal with some vendor for those 24 year old UPS with Debit cards and when you do finally announce the name of the developer I think you ought to name the vendor too.

    Just my thoughts and thanks for keeping us all in the know!!!!!

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    I’d say “unreal”, but I’ve been around too long for anything to be unreal anymore.

    SO looking forward to seeing who is behind this.

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    Smells of nepotism or timeshare kick-backs if not both!

    I too look forward to findng out who the developer is behind the TS-BS.

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    So, I did it again just to see how stupid these Developers really are.

    When I started selling Timeshare in Mexico in 1989 we had a minimum income requirement of $50.000 combined for a couple. Using an automatic “Value of Money” calculator the equivalent in 2012 Dollars would be 92,578.00. Not an increase of the requirement, mind you–even though the average price of a Week has more than doubled–just to keep things equal. And these guys are at 24,000–with the cost of a Week being at least double what it was back then.

    I’m sure glad I saw the writing on the wall several years ago and bailed out of the pitching Timeshare to the public routine. Money inflation keeps going up. Developer / Management I.Q. keeps going down.

    What’s the market penetration for Timeshare Ownership after having had 36+ years of offering it to the public? 2-3% at best? These guys–past and current–don’t deserve any better for a multitude of reasons. Pitiful. But, hey, it’s free labor from the Salespeople until something is sold. We need to start an organized, serious effort a “herding cats”

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    I’m just not believing your claim of an annual income requirement in ’89 (in Mexico) of $50-K.

    $25-K, maybe but I hear in Mexico they’ll take whatever tours they can get their hands on (just like here).

    Maybe you live in Colorado now and are smoking pop and are confused because your numbers seem to be all foggy too; “36 + years of offering to the public”? That only takes us back to 1977 and TS’ers has been selling since the mid 1960’s!

    And since you “bailed out of pitching timeshare (several years ago)” why are you calling for “an organized” (whatever)????

    Very confusing.

    Must be that “Rocky Mountain High” your on so stop bogarting that joint my friend and pass it around!

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      Well, believe it or not Mel. Your problem is it just sounds too good to be true, but true nevertheless. Fortunately, we had 3 guys who had the marketing contract who understood how stupid it was to pay OPC’s to bring in unqualified tours all day long, OPC’s being how they are unless they’re managed properly and handcuffed. It was at what was then known as Vidafel Mazatlan (now Mayan Palace) Also, we took Canadians–but not French Canadians. Other Resorts chose to throw their marketing money down the drain. That’s the exact point of Scoop’s current column.

      I use “36+” years because I count from when RCI started functioning in 1974 when owners had a true multi-Resort and multi-National exchange network. Before then there was certainly Timeshare, but only independent sites or some small “‘Club” type arrangements still limited in scope. The point, Mel, is after all those years the penetration rate of the Timeshare Industry is woefully embarrassing given the multi-Billions that have been spent trying to get people to join. Several years ago ARDA /Ragatz published a study claiming only 2-3% of the general public had been converted to Timeshare ownership in spite of all the efforts and all the money spent. Flat out embarrassing. And, frankly, humiliating. If the mucky-muks in theTimeshare Industry weresmart enough to know when to be embarrassed or humiliated.

      The “herding cats” analogy refers to forming an industry wide Union for Timeshare salespeople and how hard it would be to ever “organize” such a group of people as salespeople. Especially the iconoclastic rebels and non-conformists such as Timeshare gypsies that make up the core of the Industry.. Picked that up from a great publication called “The Timeshare Beat”.

      No smoking dope, Mel. Just amazed at how incompetent the Timeshare industry has been having such a great product but having still managed to screw up so monumentally. And how they keep doing it. BILLIONS left on the table. Every year. Year after year.

      Still confused?

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    Van The Man; after much pondering I had prepared a response but then hit my delete button and thought some more.

    As I did a jingle came to mind and then I remembered that the GateKeeper on the Inside Track of the GateHouse blog section herein asks readers/bloggers to send in our favorite Music Video’s and that is exactly what I did; because it made me think of you and your recent posting’s.

    Don’t know if it will be published next time around but I requested that if the GateKeeper does so that it be dedicated to Van The Man from Mel.

    I’ll give ya a hint, the tune is from none other than ‘The Boss’!

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    Long time reader first time poster.

    The Debit card and 24 year old tour issue being raised is not the only problem areas.

    On top of that there are the 29 year olds with one (1) $250.00 secured credit card that gets into the sales centers as being qualified.

    There are the 33 year old divorced man/women who has two kids to support and is barely getting by that also gets into the sales room.

    What about the 41 year old head of household with 5 mouths to feed and only one income that barley meets the gross annual income requirements to be toured?

    And what about the 69 year old widow/widower that don’t or can’t (health) travel any longer that wind up on the tables?

    I could add more but why do you all suppose that on average 8.5 out of every 10 tours don’t become owners?

    The first part of the answer is simple. The marketing formula.

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    By timeshare “marketing” do you mean as in an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.

    Or did you mean trickery as in the practice of crafty underhanded ingenuity to deceive or cheat?


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