A Joyful Noise

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    Big Buffet fan!

    Have all the songs you listed and many more.

    Sometimes it is fun to look back on days gone by and listening to JB is a great music while doing so for those who’ve been around since then.

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    You forgot to mention that those wild times back then were possible because the top closers and some liners were always getting huge cash spiffs the morning after each deal they wrote.

    We lived off those cash spiffs which on a bad week was a couple huskies and with that money, and banking our commission checks, we had some great times.

    Thanks for the links to the songs too. Really enjoyed listening.

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    Franz did very well for himself as have others.

    But like sports, movies and what not there are only so many quarter back positions on an NFL team or staring roles in a movie or TV show.

    And those who do shine and make it to the top do so not only because of their talent but because of all the talent around them – and who without those other talented individuals – and a lot of them – the ones at the top of the heap – wouldn’t be so fortunate – if at all.

    That is true of just about every endeavor I can think of but I’ll add a caveat.

    We do have in our business a few at the top who do very well financially despite the fact that they own, operate or manage under-performing companies – producing extremely low VPG’s and closing ratio’s – with excessively high kicks and they provide lousy or no training – with an end result of an extremely high turnover of personnel.

    I’m just saying that some times all the prancing and farting around – is just noise.

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    You forgot a couple things Paul; low income tours, tours under 35 and over 65.

    They all contribute to poor performance.

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    Thanks for the memories; haven’t heard Buffet in a long time. Takes me back!

    Thanks again,


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    Wild Bill

    Been a long time since I was here; been in the hospital and blah….

    But I agree once I clicked on that photo and saw the bigger photo I can clearly see those 3 have seen a lot of the highway!

    And that is a good thing and especially for Hanning.

    There are to many bosses in this business whg have never sold a week in their lives and they eat really well from a table they couldn’t even set.

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