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    Surely you’ll get no takers but then again free is free!

    If you do get some developer to take those tours PLEASE let us know immediately so we’ll know where not to work (LMAO)!

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    Hey Scoop, how about putting together a bunch of tours who live at those assisted living centers across the country and offer them to a developer as well?

    Think about it! All these tours have an income and many of these sprite globe-trotters haven’t even reached their mid-70’s yet!

    Plus, they mostly don’t have car payments, mortgages and the kids are all grown up so they aren’t helping their children out with college tuitions and general living expenses.

    And the developer could offer some really attractive premiums to induce them to the presentation too.

    Maybe a one years free or discounted use of a seniors scooter from the Scooter Store; the power sports job model that also has a IV pole attached for extra long-term mobility and feedings.

    I guess the developer will have to put in some disability ramps leading up to the suites and the sales room so these tours can easily get around.

    And like the old days the developer can also offer a meal for each tour to enjoy before the listen to the Podium, the pitch and then see the villas.

    Maybe something as simple and inexpensive as one poached egg, one piece of dry whole wheat toast, a small cup of prunes and a bowl of oatmeal with low-fat or skim milk.

    I would think a personalized bib and spoon would be nice too with the developers resort logo affixed to it and while breaking bread and when the occasion calls for it if the tour has a problem getting the spoon to their mouth then the liner could give a helping hand.

    And just think what will happen when all these tours get back to their assisted living center and proudly show off their new bib and spoon.

    They’ll become the envy of everyone there and many of them might call up the developer and ask to be toured as well.

    I would suggest for those presentations that take longer than the required 90 – 120 minutes and especially for those UPS who buy after the presentation that the developer might want to have on hand a good supply of disposable adult diapers, colostomy bags and maybe a couple defibrillators just in case the new owners get overly excited about the timeshare lifestyle and their future vacations.

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    You are killing me Karl (LMAO)!

    Let’s have a Nancy Regan type deal with and “just say not”!

    Just Say No To More than 64 (top age) and Just Say No To Less Than 64 (annaul income of $64,000)!

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    And then the 75 year old ‘Q’ tells the closer that they aren’t leaving anything to their kids because they are ungrateful…

    Great the closer responsds. But Mr/Mrs. Q don’t stay mad at them, get even.

    Buy this 8 week timeshare today and finance the balance for 5 years. Then as soon as you get home have your will changed and leave the 8 weeks to the kids.

    Now this is where it great!

    If you pass away before your TS is PIF then the kids will get stuck with paying off the balance.

    If you live long enough and pay it off and then pass away the kids will be stuck with skyrockting annual fees, exchange fees and special assesments that go and up each year and they’ll be stuck paying those in perpatuity.

    Either way Mr/Mrs. Q you WIN!

    Plus you can take some fun vacations in the mean time too!

    Now, did you want to use your VISA or MasterCard today…..

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    We should get paid our average commission we normally earn every time we’re forced to take these very young, very old and very low income tous.

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