A Joyful Noise

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    Great Video! Especially the opening and all the young ladies hawking the Big Spender.

    If that was a Star Point – GEO production hawking the Big Spender I wonder what song they’d use and how they’d dress the chorus line?

    They’d probably dress the women similar to being Nuns and have some soft religious music playing while the nuns offered to pray for the Big Spenders salvation as he was walking by (LOL)!

    And if Spender stopped he’d eventually discover the Devil is Always in the details.

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    Are U telling us there are still developer reps hauling 25 year olds?

    Sounds like someone is getting some kick backs on all tours.

    Probably a VP, DOS, PD and maybe even a SM.

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    A husband a wife earning a little under $10 per hour and both working a 40 hour work week will gross a $40,000 per year income.

    Not sure what their Federal, State, City, County and SSN/SDI liabilities are but I’m guessing it will bring their monthly take home pay down to around $2,500; or $577 per week for the both of them ($288 per pay check).

    If they have one or two kids, and all the expenses associated with raising children plus all the other costs of living such as rent/mortgage, food, car payment, insurance etc. I don’t see how any developer can believe these people can afford a down payment, the monthly’s with high interest rates plus the annual maintenance fees; and then the costs with annual vacations & traveling by air or car each year to get the family to their destination and pay the exchange fees (when they don’t stay at their home resort).

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    They just throw in the meat to the lions.

    Some of us eat well, some munch on left overs and the rest lick the carcass.

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