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    If resorts/HOA’s developed some kind of exit strategy for owners- buy back/ deed back / or pay to deed back than there wouldn’t be a need for scammers. This would be especially helpful when customers buy timeshares from the developers that aren’t worth even a $1.00 and the customers need to divest because they can’t afford the MF’s any longer and/or can’t use the product anymore for any number of reasons.

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    I agree with Felicia & Scoop; it could all be stopped damn near on a dime.

    But from what I see, most developers (and others) don’ts seem to care because they never seem to do anything about the problem.

    Even to the point that the bad negativity kills deals on the tables and is a leading cause for kicks right after news sales occur they just don’t do anything about it!

    Now why is that so?

    I just don’t understand!

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