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    The Bank.

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    I just sent in my e-mail address to be hooked up and look forward to the videos.



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    I too signed up. This old dog is always looking to make more money!

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    I’m new to your site and a first time poster.

    Early this morning a friend in Canada e-mailed me a link and told me to see what is going on here.

    Very impressive & informative to be sure!

    I also signed up for this video program and look forward to that as well.

    Thanks for all you provide. Very much appreciated!


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    I have been selling timeshares for almost two years now but haven’t had any real training.

    My first gig was one ride with one rep and then I was put on the line.

    Stayed there for a year and then changed to another developer but the training was limited.

    Did some online searches for TS training but didn’t like what I found and some were just plain silly.

    So I’m hoping what you are offering will be helpful because I love selling timeshares but need to do a better job and make more too.

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