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    “There are several reasons why sales centers everywhere in the timeshare universe produce less than a 30% net closing ratio…”

    Less than 30%? How about less than 25%. How about more like 20%. Because let’s talk about the only percentage that matters–net closing percentage…

    …after rescission, after the buyer wakes up from the “No Heat, No Eat” pitch, after they realize the can’t actually afford the down payment, followed by the monthly payments, coupled with all the assorted RCI or II fees….and–in what’s an increasingly more common occurrence–cancelling after being told about or stumbling upon the the dreaded Resale market.

    But of course the always resourceful and inventive Resorts can always cook the books in order to reach the all-important closing percentage and VPG / Efficiency targets by not counting the unqualified “courtesy tours” unless it’s a sale–and sometimes not even then. But, the Sales Managers, DOS’s and PD’s–whose jobs are dependent on stats wouldn’t do that, would they? :)

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    In most resorts, the bulk of the tours are low hanging fruit that want to tour and ask for or negotiate up the gift. The best families don’t tour so developers give a list to reps and have them chase the guest on property. The older guests are the ones that have the cash flow to buy it and are less likely tondo the research that kills a deal in the first 5 to 10 days. The younger can’t swing the payments. Add to that the bulk of the travelers to family friendly areas are coming in Multi-generationally, in other words, grandma is paying for the trip. The old “need” pitch vs two beds a TV and a toilet is now a “greed” pitch. The reality is that the tour could conceivably but a few hundred dollar vac-pak (a whackage) and take a tour. No pact can be broken because there is no scenario without heat or greed that they will buy. If they do like the concept or the resort, etc., they can pick it up for a fraction of “retail.” They know it. They still tour. Until hard core qualifications are in place for credit & real income, the industry will hire in masses, train them in classes, fire in masses – except for the hottie you refer to because every manager has “hope.” Just like a guest hearing a rental pitch.

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    The real problem – MANAGEMENT!

    Not all developers/management – and I mean no disrespect – but let’s call it like it is – because it is what it is!

    It starts with most developers who never sold a week in their life!

    Then it is most executive management – whose primary function seems to be to prance and fart around a lot and appear ever so impressive so that they can keep their income intact which is derived from keeping the Developer ill-informed; but happy!

    Mid level Management: S/A!

    Floor Management: S/A!

    And then we have the lamp post – whore – marketing approach:

    Hey Mack, want a date? How about a tumble? For $35 I’ll climb in the back of your 1970 Datsun PU & lay down my cardboard mat and give ya the wildest 3 minute twirl of your life!

    When instead we should come on (market) like a $4,000 (per deal) high end person of the evening operating out of a $700 per night Hotel suite; and do ‘em right!

    But no! Our low rent crack addicted pimps will keep their pleasure providers on the street in masses, wear out their a****, beat their a****, and then toss their sorry a**** in a ditch somewhere when their scab invested a**** are of no further use.

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    Say Art, how do you really feel?

    Can you be a little more specific (LMAO)?

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    I love you guys!

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    Inside the Gate Rocks!

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    You sicken me Scoop with your pompous self righteous attitude and perspectives.

    I don’t know what they pay you for your weekly Scoop; but I suspect it is barely enough to replace whatever little you earned as a mediocre liner, a wanna-be closer (without the C) as you pray each night; Oh Dear Lord, Please let me get promoted to manager.

    An Up IS an UP you A/O! What part about that don’t you get?

    Buyers are liars too; haven’t you even learned that?

    You wouldn’t last a week on my line!

    My people hit the numbers every month and your gobbledygook about generations is nothing but BS!

    Get a life Scoop!

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    Steve didn’t tell us what those numbers are?

    Is he not proud of his “people” and their monthly VPG of, I’m guessing, $1,375?

    Is he not proud that his “people” produce a closing ratio in the low high single or low double digits?

    And what about cancellations Steve? Why not tell us what % of your “people’s” deals kick?

    Steve is old-school. Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

    Wait, Steve has 5 letters in his first name.

    Who else has a first name that starts with an S followed by 4 more letters.

    Could Steve really be, oh I don’t know, maybe SATAN?

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    I figured it out all by my lonesome self Scoop!

    Been a reader every week for more than two years and this is my first post.

    What you Scoop are trying to accomplish is to get everyone to at least think about the issues.

    And the way you are going about that is devious I say, devious, if not out right cunning, crafty, astute, shrewd and clever especially when you use a tortuous argument to push your views on the rest of us.

    Now that I’m on to you Scoop I will not allow you to penetrate the very mental barriers that it took me decades to to build and protect my innocence, arrogance, stupidity, silliness, foolishness steadfast notions so stop trying to confuse me and other readers with the facts and your delusional thinking!

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