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    Had to read that twice because I too don’t know why CW would seek such tours.

    What i do know is that many develoeprs just count the bodies and roll the dice but you’d think a company as big as CW would take a better tack.

    Oh well, NEXT!

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    $75,000 income is great and anything less is a pretty bad shot unless you have inventory for $4,000 to $9-K!

    On second thought I’m okay with $65,000 but anything below $60,000 is a losers game.

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    There’s no end to it is there.

    When I was the PD at a Resort about 10 years ago, the Developer dictated exactly the same “plan” to me for anybody (couples or singles) 55 years old or older. I fought it tooth and nail–and lost, of course.

    The rationale was that people in that age group would / could (emphasis on “could”) have stocks, bonds, company pension, annuities, fully paid-up whole life insurance policies, IRA’s, 401K’s–or presumably money under the mattress or lottery winnings for that matter.

    And, of course, they’d cash those in–or cash them out–if “your people do your job and sell them on the value” on why that would be a good idea. The Developer was so gung ho on the idea he targeted certain ZIP codes where supposedly 60+ people were to be found.

    Funny thing was these people in their “golden years” viewed themselves, correctly, as “no longer employed” and “living on a fixed income”.

    The results–closing percentage and VPG–were predictably disastrous. And it was100% the Sales Department’s fault, don’t ya know.

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    The reason Wyndham and your former developer are doing this is because they aren’t paying their reps for their time ( a decent hourly wage) to take the tour.

    They could care less any individual sales rep makes money.

    Ever hear a developer say:

    Gee Mike, I’m sorry you didn’t make any money the last three days.

    The developers money is made on the spread!

    Anyone that hasn’t figured that out is living in La La Land.

    It is the way the game has always been played.

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    Some developers might not say they are sorry you (Mike) didn’t make any money the last three days.

    But some have no problem having their subordinate (SM/PD/DOS) tell you:

    You’re toast. You blanked the last three days. Hit the bricks you weak _ _ _ _; or you limp _ _ _ _!

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    If the fish stinks it does so from the head down!

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    I wounder if the top brass had to take these tours for a couple of weeks or months if they’d change there mind.

    I will admit that there are some older tours who have no paycheck and live well off their investments etc. but my Lord they are such a small percentage of the popluation that getting ono at table is like finding that needle in the hay stack.

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