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    LOL…. Should have stuck to rocket science, because Timeshare was just to difficult for these idiots…

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    How dumb can you be to try to pass a note when you are being transported by Federal Marshals?! Maybe all of the drugs make you think you are invincible or maybe these guys think
    they are smarter than everyone else. The Feds got them good and now can bring them up on additional charges like obstruction of justice. How about Resnick and Diventi charged with violence against girlfriends and wives, but then no honest decent human being would perpetrate this scam. Adam Lacerda had to surround himself with drug addicts and criminals to get the job done. Hope he gets a really long sentence he has earned it!

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    Does anyone knows when this trial is ending?

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    Goes to the jury next week.

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    I will get them

    Patiently waiting for you scumbags to go down. Then I will personally orcheste the civil lawsuit!! You scumbags!!!

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    get it right

    result being that bail for both Ashley and Adam was revoked and both are to be detained until the trial is over. In canceling Ashley’s release, the Court cited………………….from the gate…..BUT is wrong she is home with her daughter and her mother,its harder trying to prove inosent when your inosent……

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