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    Great article, just think if timeshares really cured baldness there would never be an empty room in any resort. That being said, and having sold Residential Real Estate for the past 20 years, there certainly is a lot of emotion that goes into a purchase whether we believe it or not. Yes, I do believe vacationing is a great way to strengthen a relationship, but a relationship that is already in trouble cannot be saved by a vacation. That you are quite right. Some of my best and worst memories unfortunately are of traveling with my family when my children were young. Yes, I said the worst. Vacation often brings out the worst in some people as well. You know the types, they cannot rest, or relax no matter how beautiful the landscape is. Work is always calling, I remember my children saying one year, “Mom, if you bring that phone to the pool we are not going.” To which I replied, “It is because of this phone that you are able to enjoy the pool.” Enough said.

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    Emotion originates most often from the tours.

    Like seeing models that are bigger and more beautiful then their own homes.

    Like traveling to places they’ll never travel to because of the costs just to get there.

    Like really taking 2-4 week vacation every year.

    TS is a niche deal marketed to the masses and it’s the masses that have the emotion.

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