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    Speaking of Tuggers Scoop, many who are getting on in years; consider this.

    I heard on TV and then looked it up online and found out that the parts for a complete artificial hip replacement that are basically made from sterilized pieces of tooled metal, plastic or ceramics cost about $350 to manufacture in the USA – and cheaper in other nations.

    Then, the hospitals in the USA pays the manufacture $4-$8-K for the artificial hip and turn around and charge the patient or their insurance company nearly $40,000.00 for the $350 device.

    It’s capitalism at its finest and all good clear thinking God fearing card carrying Republican Tuggers and maybe some Liberal ones too shouldn’t moan about costs because that’s the way it all works whether it is timeshare developers or candy bar manufactures!

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    30 Year TS Veteran

    “Boo-boo-boo-boo-yah” to you Scoop for that velvet gloved but still EPIC smack down of “some” Tuggers. It has unfortunately become proliferated by mostly mean-spirited negative types who more often than not have almost nothing to be positive about. The inference is that the product and those associated with it is a sham and developers are crooks no matter who they are.

    It’s evolved into one giant bitch session for malcontents. Have a nice life TUG!

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    I love it Scoop. And speaking of “some” tuggers buying that new car.

    Sales (today only price) of $35,000 for that new car.

    But since a Tugger has good credit the dealership is going to offer zero percent interest for 60 payments and then the car is free and clear.

    Tugger signs on the dotted line and pulls out from the dealership and the car instantly depreciates 30% ($10,500).

    Now the tugger is underwater on their loan (like many people with mortgages) because the car is now only worth $24,500.

    The tugger keeps making those monthly payments of $583.33 on a $35,000 loan for the first year and then their car loses value on the 12 month another 10-15%.

    Now at month 13 that $35,000 car only has a market value of around $21,300.

    That’s a loss in just the first 24 months of $13,700 and yet that $583.33 monthly pop and paying on a loan of $35,000 keeps going.

    Then after the 3rd year when the warranty is likely toast all future maintenance is born fully by the Tugger while the car is loses more value and now it is only worth around $18,500 which is a total loss of $16,500; nearly 50% but those payments on that $35,000 interest free loan keeps on like the ever ready rabbit.

    But at least the tugger got zero interest! Maybe not.

    I was told by my friend that works for a dealer that even with high FICO scores dealers have been known to factor in a lower interest rate into their bottom line sales price and if that is true even tuggers with really good credit could be paying interest anyway.

    Oh you evil timeshare developers!

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    RE: Tuggers: I’ve sold them but I work at a really sweet deal!

    RE: Art: Thanks buddy. I read you post and found the article. Now that’s a rip off to be sure!

    RE: 30 Year TS Veteran: Yes, there are tours and some who are tug members that think developers are crooks when nothing could be further from the truth.

    RE: Karl: Your equation actually applies to just about anything anyone buys whether they pay cash or finance!

    All electronic devises. All household furnishings. All Airplanes. All RV’s. All Boats. All Motorcycles. All all all…

    And the article is right too because as pointed out everything has a marketing and sales cost built into the prices and those costs are ultimately paid for by all consumers!

    Been that way forever and it ain’t gonna change!

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    The only tug people I loath are the PhD. types.

    They’ve owned for many years, they know it all (so they claim) and they own as much time as they need and yet because of the gifts they come on tour anyway only to finally puke that if they ever wanted to own more time they’d buy from another tug member, buy off E-bay or just rent the time.

    I know it is all part of the game but they are stealing my time and reducing my income and they are doing so for their own personal low-rent gain.

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