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    Allowing select owners to walk away from their ownership may seem like a thoughtful idea but you failed to consider the financial impact on the resort and other HOA members.

    You are taking the position that all resorts are still marketing, which is not the case.

    To suggest a resort is acting in a non-Christian manner by not allowing the transfer is ignorant. Just because a business is managed by a believer should in no way cloud sound business decisions.

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    OMG – are we talking about “believers” or are we talking about the reality of the unknown scores and scores of thousands of unwanted weeks out there and whereby many owners aren’t paying their AMF’s anyway; and others are are no longer paying off the note either.

    “IamConcerned” sounds like she or he is out of touch with the business reality of all this unwanted inventory; all the resale scam companies, all the post card companies all the $1 dollar ebay inventory, all the negative press etc.

    ”IamConcerned” offers no ideas or solutions either.

    “IamConcerned” mentioned the HOA’s not in a selling mode – but that doesn’t mean they can’t setup one and resell their inventory to prospective buyers and existing owners who are happy.

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    That’s right – you bought it you own it and that includes:

    70-80 years old, must be spoon-fed and are confined to a wheel chair that could be a owner/member who would qualify for and/or warrant a kind of “get out of jail free” card and eliminate their TS shackles of perpetuity — aka: the bondage of those darn “Endless Vacations”.

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