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    I was going to work for a resort in the Port Clinton area of Ohio near lake Erie about two years back and they didn’t even want to pay my travel expenses (gas, food, motels) for me to drive there with my family.

    Can’t remember the Sales Managers name that hired me but he basically wanted me to go ahead and spend the money out of my own pocket and that he “always takes care of their people”.

    I said I’d do it IF the developer would wire a good faith deposit to my bank account and that I didn’t care how much it was and could be as little as $25, $50, $100 or more and that by doing that I’d feel more comfortable with his “always takes care of the people”.

    No money ever came, I never went and they lost a clean closer with a verifiable YTD $3,250 VPG.

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    Pitching heat? Say it ain’t so. More interestingly, they just won’t advertising here no matter what. Nothing like falling in line with all the other sheep. Amazing what one call or e-mail from the luxurious villa on the mountain will do.

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    It’s worse in Mexico, the DR and throughout the Caribbean where most the developers sell a RTU for usually 25 years. I worked in all three areas for many years.

    Owners pay the big bucks for a couple pieces of paper (contract) and that is it.

    They own nothing and with the developers usually asking for at least a 25-30% dip, huge closing costs and excessive interest rates on the balance that equals pure gravy on each and every contract sold.

    Plus the owners pay their annuals, the general public pays nightly or weekly rental rates and the all-inclusive Timeshare resorts (developers) stick it to everyone including their owners with their ridiculously high daily all-inclusive charges.

    My point is simply this. If you close $1-Million plus per year down there and because of the size of the down and the closing cost the buyers are fronting all the upfront marketing and sales costs and the developer is pocketing anywhere from half a mil to $800-K off each $1-Mi closer. And that is just on the timeshare contracts.

    And with that going for them I’ve never heard of any developer anywhere down there that pay’s a sign on bonus for top talent.

    Airfare and 30 days hosing is usually the most you can expect and often the housing is a bare motel room sometimes in a bad section of town.

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    Don’t bad mouth Mexico.

    I work here in Cabo and have it made.

    I show up at 8 A.M. wait to get called to the table(s), close the deals and get paid every week like clock work and I’m always off by no later than 1 or 2 P.M. and then the rest of the day and night is all mine to do what I like; golf, fishing, diving, party and playing with the tourist!

    Viva Mexico!

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    Ok. So not to be considered rude but heres the reason they aren’t advertising on ITG….you never answer your emails! My company (a large timeshare organization) reached out to you recently to inquire about placing a number of ads and we received no response. Maybe you’ll rectify this once you read my comment.

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      Bill The ITG Ad Guy


      We all at ITG are known for being ‘Johnny On The Spot’ and for the past five years we’ve answered all e-mail (and phone) inquiries we’ve received and usually within an hour and assuredly, in most instances, the same day.

      Not knowing who you are or your company name etc. I can’t do a quick search through thousands of e-mails etc. to see if we missed you.

      I can assure you however that if you use the contact info located throughout ITG including on the “about us/contact’ tab (on every page) as well as the contact ME (Bill Curtis) for advertising info (tab on all pages) etc. I will respond post haste.

      Or you can touch base with me directly at my e-mail address: or you can simply call our toll free # 1-877-477-2900 to reach me and if I’m on another line etc. then leave a voice message and I will call you back.

      All the best, Bill

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