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    You are indeed a bastion of free speech that doesn’t kiss anyone’s…ring. You’d think that the bigwig had bigger issues on their plate than the number of comments here. But from personal experience, I’m not surprised. Some embrace the truth. Others run from it.

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    I know who you are talking about and it is likely me!

    That’s right. I lied through my teeth to make as many deals as I could.

    Said everything imaginable to every UP I hauled or closed and threw everything up against the wall just to make sure, if nothing else, I was on point each day, get out on tour, and if the deals held all the better.

    Didn’t bother me one bit.

    The buyers are liars and the UPS are all mooches so they deserved what they believed they bought.

    And yes, I did stab my first sales manager in the back. That’s how I got her job and I haven’t looked back since.

    Then I turned the room into a Love Line and any closer I didn’t like I buried them deep and dirty every day with the worst shots in the room and to hell with them having to feed their families or pay their bills. Not my problem!

    Later, I went after our PD and go him too.

    He was a nice enough guy alright but nice guys always lose and after I whispered some things in the VP’s ear I got the PD’s slot and started making a lot more money.

    That was when I was also able to keep most of the spiff money and use it any way I thought appropriate.

    So I gave a small cut, a ride on the room, to a few of my favorite closers, eliminated the liners altogether and most of the other closers and pocketed the rest.

    Doing that I went out and bought a new import and paid that off the first year!

    By now I was close to the Developer and it wasn’t long after that I burned the VP and got his slot!

    Now the big bucks started rolling in.

    I then filled all lower rank management slots with lackey’s and if they sounded or acted like they wanted to get ahead I cut and replaced them immediately and like all the reps I canned over the years I kept their reserves too!

    Same with the reps and managers that had some new way of doing things. Gone the moment they opened their pie-holes.

    My way was working just fine for me and that’s all that counts.

    All my managers (and sales people) had to do was keep their month shut (except when praising me) and the VPG in the $1,200 target range and all is fine with me because with the awesome number of tours we were taking at all our sales centers I was making my personal bank and began stuffing the rest into real estate, investments and off-shore.

    At this point, once in control of all sales and marketing action I also raised the bar on earning bonuses, lowered the commissions, lowered the UP’ income qualification, started accepting all single 25-30 year olds in droves and kicked up the the back side to include up to 70 year old UPS including widows and widowers living on SS.

    These days I live in a multi-six figure home, have a multi-six figure income and most of all toys I want.

    And don’t hold any of this against me because I was mentored long ago by a good old boy on how to get ahead in this business and never forgot his counsel.

    Most developers only care about the bottom line and will let you do anything you want to make deals. Most liners are worthless and are mere room fill. Most closers are also room-fill and hit the numbers by mostly closing the lay-downs. Most sales managers are in constant fear of being replaced so fulfill their fears. Most PD’s have been ruthless to get where they are so be more ruthless. Most VP types aren’t even paying attention, keep their fingers crossed at all times and are milking the gravy train for every drop they can take and once you blow them out they simply move on to the next developer who’ll gladly take them in, Now pick your mark (developer), stay there and slash and burn your way to the top, take no POW’s and make me proud.

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      Thanks for the first person confirmation, XYZP

      I’ve been working for several months on a script for a movie about the Timeshare industry. Think of it as a “Wolf of Wall Street” type expose but in a tropical setting.

      Plus, with all the bodies the Timeshare industry has hired and fired over the years–and all the chumps/mooches that have gone on a tour over the years there’s a built-in audience waiting to see the dirty, behind-the-scenes story.

      If your riff was real, you only confirm much of what I saw in 26 years in the bizz. If your riff was sarcasm it was closer than you know. But, it was so right-on you HAD to be in the bizz to get so close.

      Watch for the roll-out in a theater near you.

      P.S. I’ll want to contact you for your input on polishing the final draft. For that touch of all-important and critical “realism” don’t ya know. Drop a line to “The Gate” and let them know it’s O.K. to release your contact information. We need to talk, baby. There’s money just waiting to be made.

      Give some thought to ARDAs roll in all this. It’s time Nusbaum was called to task. Let’s talk. Chow.

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    I know who you are XYZP and you forgot the most important part and that is you were and likely still are also a coward.

    Back in the day when you first took over the room as SM and flipped to the loveline BS and then tried your crap on me I asked to speak with you privately and took you down the hall to that little room you played your games on the young female liners.

    That’s when I told you I didn’t give a damn how you treat everyone else and that I was giving you two options and assured you that you wouldn’t like the second option on bit.

    Option 1. I will make a good living here as I have for the past 18 months.

    Option 2. If you bury me or GET IN MY FACE SCREAMING like you do with the others then I was going to rip your throat out from your neck and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    Wisely, you went with #1 and then within a couple months and after writing a LOT MORE business I walked and went on to run my own deal and my team produced net YTD VPG’s that you can only dream about!

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    I can’t believe you people actually think we have any rights at all.

    And it’s not just TS developers that are ignoring the U.S Bill of Rights so don’t blame them.

    They took the lead from most other corporations, all levels of Government from the Fed level all the way down to City Hall and that attack on our rights has been going on longer than anyone reading this has been alive.

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    Sacrament of Penance?

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
    It has been 18 years ago when I started in the timeshare business selling slices of vacations since my last confession.
    These are my sins – FATHER WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

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    You are to late VTM. A new movie is coming out next month called “A Shining Nightmare In Paradise” starring a cast of characters:

    “Hannibal Lecter” (Silence of the Lambs): Developer
    “Freddy Krueger” (Nightmare on Elm Street): Project Director.
    “Jason Voorhees” (Friday The 13th): Sales Manager
    “Patrick Bateman” (American Psycho): Director of Marketing
    “Buffalo Bill” (Silence of The Lambs): OPC
    “Jack Torrance” (The Shinning): Top Closer
    “Norman Bates” (Psycho): Liner and tour guide
    “Leatherface” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Exit (Trial) Closer
    “Carietta White” (Carrie) Sales Room Hostess.
    “Margaret White” (Carrie’s Mom – Carrie): VLO
    “Gollum” (Hobbit): Gifting

    A cast of hundreds of Googans as “sales guests”; and Linda Blair will be the Podium speaker with her unique ability to establish eye contact and speak to the entire audience in the circular sales center from Hell.

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