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    A little wordy Scoop but I agree.

    A couple years back I became very sick; doctor certified and couldn’t work for about 6 weeks.

    Had been with the developer or about 16 months as a 1099 closer and I had no benefits, no health insurance, no nothing.

    No paychecks coming in during my illness and I had to use my savings to cover everything from my mortgage to my car payments, credit card debts, you name it, everything.

    The bills don’t stop and with those expenses, the doctor bills and meds the whole thing cost me nearly $20,000.

    After about 3 weeks I decided that being a 1099 wasn’t the way to go any longer and while I was down I heard a good friend of mine had died while in the county hospital (still don’t know what put him there).

    He didn’t have any insurance either so that is why he was at county and the care was probably not the best. I don’t know that, just my guess.

    During the whole time I was off, and I was a top (still am) producer I didn’t get so much as a get well card from the developer or any management.

    And when was well enough to go back to work I quit, you guessed it, they kept my $3,000 reserve.

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    All you really had to do was grade them.

    Some developers earn the grade of A+, A or A-.

    Many fall into the C- to B+ range

    And the rest of the lot are in the D+ to F!

    See how simple that was LMAO!

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    Who the hell do you think you are Scoop and what in the hell do you mean by

    most marketing/sales training is either non-existent, pathetically weak or just plain sucks.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’ll tell you point blank that very new green-pea I bring on board every week gets fully trained on doing the T-Pitch , the wall tour, the suites tour, where to walk around the common areas including, if time permits, a pass by the pool.

    It only takes about 45 minutes and then they ARE fully trained!

    And I give each new pea 10 shots and if they can’t cut it, to hell with them because there are plenty more green-peas to be had and that’s how I keep the boss happy with my rooms $1,195 YTD VPG!

    Burn ‘em and churn ‘em Baby! That’s my program, it works great and I’m sticken to it!

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      Sounds like TC is running a tour guide line., and actually bragging about a $1,195 YTD VPG?!! (LOL) Ol’ TC better hope that TimeDudes like me don’t show his developer our ‘stats’ as past Sales Project Directors. Or on the other hand., if all it takes is a $1,195 YTD VPG to retain that position nowadays., then maybe TimeDudes like me should jump back into the industry., just saying.

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