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    All good points of course.

    The fact of the matter is that the income qualifications aren’t checked.

    Potential owners can and do say whatever is necessary to get the tickets, discounted stay, dinner, etc. and I’ve yet to see any marketing company or OPC verify any income.

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    I have to admit I never thought about region or area differences in terms of income and purchasing power.

    And there are other disposable income variables that should be considered for a tour to be a ‘Q’.

    Take cigarette smokers for example. Depending on where they live a married couple smoking two packs a day each will spend $50 per cartoon.

    Not much until you add up the annual cost which is $7,300.00 and if they only smoke a pack a day that is still $3,700.00 and that comes off the net annual income, before disposable.

    And Lisa is right too; many of the marketers and tours lie about income to get the gifts. And that is especially true with directs from street OPC’s!

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