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    Ouch! I just did as suggested and crunched the numbers.

    144 x (my) 25% CR = 36 deals a year I might be losing; 180 deals over five years.

    My average sale is usually $15.5-K so in five years I might lose about $2.8 Million in volume.

    Counting hitting bonus and the pts I’m paid that’s right around a Quarter a Million dollars ($250,000.00) of income I might be losing – but the good news is I work for a Developer who doesn’t take low income tours!

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    There are the great developers, then some good ones and then the rest who view OPC’s, liners and closers as disposable commodities.

    By doing so those not so good developers discard talent just because they hit, for example, a rut of bad tours.

    We’ve all been there and one place I worked and if you blanked 10 in a row you were gone regardless of how well your YTD was; and there we had three waves per day so it didn’t take long to get axed if you hit that rut.

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    Had been with one developer some time ago for about a year; was in the top % of closers, sold my deals clean, rarely had any cancellations and one day I fractured my jaw in an accident and was out of work for about a month.

    Between the ambulance, the emergency room and hospital costs plus the meds, the follow up with doctors and a dentist and time off without any income it cost me a small fortune.

    After I was well I quit and went elsewhere to work and glad I did because a couple years went by and I had to have a hernia operation and it was mostly covered as was my time off with sick leave.

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