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    Good Morning Scoop and all.

    Seems I’ve gotten to the point that first thing every Friday morning I come to ITG to not only read the new news for the day but to see what Scoop is yapping about too.

    This week, again, you are right on the mark.

    I’ve worked side by side with these heat merchants for many years (at different resorts) and they all seem to think they are hot-shots and worse, when they are called in for the close they even lie to the lay-downs who want to buy at the end of the line!

    It’s like if they can’t lie about something then they haven’t done the job (LMAO)!

    At the same time, those of us that sell “clean” out sell the HM all the time yet, as you pointed out, many developers hire and almost love these liars. Just makes no sense to me but what can you do.

    And my last point is with their lies, over the many years, they keep adding to our already tarnished reputation but the developers that hire them seem to care less about that too.

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