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    I hadn’t thought of the movie in a long time; and even long since I saw it.

    It was cool that you included a clickable larger image of the movie poster.

    The Sweet Pill that MAKES LIFE BITTER!
    Women Cry for it – Men die for it!
    Drug Crazed Abandon
    What actually happens!

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    30 Year T/S Vet

    How funny this is from nearly a century ago! Treating weed like LSD or Heroin. Hows that war on drugs working out Uncle Sam? Preety much the same as the so-called war on poverty. Both abysmal failures!

    Weed is far less harmful than alcohol, let alone other drugs. More and more companies will allow for private gange usage as it is now far more socially acceptable (rightfully so) than ever before.

    Texting and driving kills FAR more than toking and driving ever did. I’m not sayin…I’m just sayin!

    So roll a big fattie, and lets chillaxe and get our game on…

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    The majority of all “drug” (legal or not) users in the USA are not what is depicted in the movies, on those Bad Bad Boy cop shows or the other crap that is on the Tube or Big Screen.

    In the USA they still arrest nearly 3/4 of a Million people every year – mostly for small amounts of pot or carrying the paraphernalia that can be purchased in any licensed retail cigar/pipe/cigarette store in the country.

    But make no mistake about one thing. As far as the government is concerned it is big business ($$$); for the government.

    All the salaries, retirement plans, health insurance etc. for judges, DA’s and defense Attorney’s (PD), court reporters, court cops – all across the country who handle the cases.

    Plus the costs of for-profit prisons across the nation, the payroll of all the guards and the salaries of the cops that are arresting these people…..

    And that everyone arrested, even when found innocent, have to spend thousands more to get their records expunged or sealed.

    Its Government Madness to be sure and if people can’t afford the best defense (nothing against PD’s) they are screwed and then the rest of the life is tarnished and, after getting out of prison securing a decent paying job is next to impossible – same goes for renting/buying a place, a car and……

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    Hit a full cash deal today for $24.5-K w/50% down that cleared on the card.

    Now I’m going to open a nice bottle of wine to share with by better half, put some logs in the fireplace and get them going, light some candles, play some soft music, order some munchies from an Italian place that delivers some of the best food in the world and of course we’ll enjoy some Reefer.

    Life is great if we’d just let it be as was intended.

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    Well., Well.., After 8 years., I finally found you all. Now, pertaining to this subject. When ‘pot’ is legalized across our nation., will Developers allow smoking it in the ‘units’? If so., will they also allow cigarette & cigar smoking in the units (again)? Now won’t that be a wonderful odor. Let’s see., (over a 4 week period), 1st week – cigarette smoker, 2nd week – cigar smoker, 3rd week – pot head, 4th week – someone who smokes all 3.., what a stench that will be.., Heck, my underwear I’ave had on for three days smells better!

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    Welcome back TD; I remember, at least your handle, from days long ago.

    I’m concerned that you have and/or are actually wearing the same underwear for 3 days; and then… (LOL).

    As for smoking odors. First, I am a smoker of tobacco and occasionally reefer.

    I agree w/the odor issue but I never smoke my cigs indoors – and as for the pot, well, that’s another story.

    But the REAL truth is that there would be no odor issue if all businesses had decent ventilation systems installed like A/C’s that properly recycled the indoor air with outdoor air. U wouldn’t even notice (smell) the smoke.

    Besides, if TS developer can put up with Spring Breakers defecating in their pools, barfing in the hallways and other common areas including the accommodations, children and others who have mishaps during their sleeping hours with the lingering odors, drunks spilling or dropping their drinks everywhere, people passing gas in the restaurants, hall ways or poolside etc…. then how bad can a little second hand smoke be.

    I know, I know – the Cig Police have convinced you all that just a couple whiffs and you’ll surely drop dead of a heart attack or at least get cancer and worse, become impotent all the while beating your spouse, your kids and dog out of frustration and anger over those filthy smokers.

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    Hey., I’m on the same page with you. Heck., I smoke cigs & cigars., just not pot (don’t care if other people do – none of my business). But I don’t like the smell of smoking rooms. I have a filtration machine in my house and you can’t smell smoke. But good luck convincing developers to spend an extra penny on units! Heck., they can’t even insulate the adjoining walls properly.
    I recently visited a old watering hole I used to go to (hadn’t been there for 2 years). It used to allow smoking. I walked in with a cig in my hand and you would of thought the world came to an end. I was yelled at by about a dozen peeps. One of them (who should use 2 seats to park her huge tush on) started that stupid coughing thing. As I walked by her (to exit the area) I started doing the imitation of burping. She yelled ‘You’re so rude!’., I smiled and said., ‘Back at you Honey’.
    So., believe me., I am still that all American., Mind your own business., Place your political correctness where the sun don’t shine., Reagan loving., Pro Republic (by the people FOR the people)., God fearing., Truth speaking., Timeshare CLOSER., TimeDude that I have always been. Just not back in the Industry…., YET. Had to care for my ailing mother (and then my favorite Uncle) so that they didn’t have to be placed in a nursing home. And if they had of been in one, and I saw things that I have heard of…, they would have had to take me out in CUFFS! Anyway., good rants on this site. Even Ol’ TC ., hee-heeeeeee!

    P.S. – Not to worry., I finally washed ’em! (LOL)

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